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To expand on what SP said, no absolutely not.
That offence is committed if you fail to provide DRIVER details in response to the original S172/NIP.
What caused you to end in court was failing to provide (them receiving) the licence details in order to satisfy the requirements of accepting the Conditional offer of a Fixed Penalty, that isn’t an offence and so you couldn’t be charged with anything, but as it amounted to a failure to accept the offer the Police would then resort to court action.
Thanks Incandescent,

Will get him to draft something and will post it here for review before submission if that's ok.


Given what a HC CEO gave my relative a PCN for, when parking with a BB, I'm not surprised at all.

Turbulent, cp will guide you well. Please don't get stressed with it, go with the process and give them everything they deserve. Not just for you, but for every BB holder in the county.
Cheers mate, I’ll let you know as soon I hear back. Although the challenge rejection letter allowed 14 days to still pay reduced penalty but it’s been over 21 days now and the penalty still shows at reduced rate, guess their pcn department is pretty busy. :D
Best to put it in, as it is likely you might have to take them to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. There is another much more shocking thread on this forum relating to Hereford CC and it is quite plain now, that the administrators are totally ignorant of the law they purport to enforce.

Apologies, I don't follow you. I believe I am at the Traffic Penalty Tribunal stage as they rejected my formal representation. I don't have a huge amount of time left to send over my appeal to the Tribunal.

I have been reading the other Hereford thread, honestly I am not surprised. I am eager to squash this PCN as the state of the roads here caused my wheel to buckle and of course they denied any liability, causing me to be out of pocket. Completely unrelated, but I wanted to vent about it ;D
Buckled my wheel last week in Cheshire East, and have raised a claim. I think councils have basically decided it's cheaper to just bat claims away, than actually maintain the roads.
You're welcome. Be thankful you don't live in London! £120 a pop down here.
No it's £130, unless it's TFL and then it's £160.
TfL really are the modern day Robber Barons. Wolf of Badenoch also comes to mind !
I've now bookmarked those regulations !
YOu've paid, so AFAIK that's it.  However, if it were me I'd have submitted reps on the basis that you were unable to proceed due to circumstances beyond your control. This is a get-out to any "No Stopping", or "No Parking" restriction.
Thanks @Incandescent!

I also just noticed that Regulation 11 of The Civil Enforcement of Road Traffic Contraventions (Approved Devices, Charging Guidelines and General Provisions) (England) Regulations 2022 states:

(2) In this regulation—
“bus lane” means a traffic lane marked in accordance with—
(a) diagram 1049A at item 11 in Part 6 of Schedule 9 to the Traffic Signs Regulations,

Diagram 1049A
[img width=318.9930419921875 height=48.9930534362793][/img]
Boundary of a bus lane or other designated lane used by motor vehicles
(Longitudinal marking)

However, the bus gate doesn't have a white boundary line, so based on my understanding, BCC does not have the power to issue a penalty charge notice by post to the owners of vehicles.

I may have understood this completely wrong, but I wanted to check in case this was correct.

Unfortunately, there was a case some time ago about Bus Gates, which the appellant lost. It was in Oxford, I think.
@privates you know your post is as reliable as a chocolate teapot, therefore you don't have the luxury of waiting for a reply. The council website says the amount due is £65 and this indicates they've issued a rejected and reoffered the discount, so I suggest you contact the council urgently and ask them to email you a copy.

I received the letter today..

I had appealed this on the basis on attending a family members house whom is recovering from a health issue as an emergency. They have asked for medical evidence which i can not supply due to this same health issue. (There is usually parking on the house driveway which wasn't the case as random cars had parked there which I had explained).

Also there is no restriction zone signs visible when driving down from Finchley Road onto Golders Green and then into Woodstock Road which I had noticed last time I attended.

My last representation :

Dear Sir/Madam,

The only evidence I can provide as asked for is a text message of her rushing me on the day and me having to attend her as soon as possible. Unfortunately she has no medical papers that has been requested as she hardly as any such sort of things in her home due to her own medical issues. Would the text messages be sufficient?

I'd also like to note upon returning there recently I have noticed there is no restriction zone signs to make me aware of the restriction zone. I had entered the street from the Golders Green roundabout and there is no restriction sign zones leading towards the address where it was parked. It is also evident of this through Google Street View maps as I have looked.

 Again I would like to mention I usually park on the private land outside of the house but two cars had randomly and illegally parked outside of the home address on the private land which stopped me from being able to park on the parking lot. Due to this I had no time to plan ahead as I usually park there. I now know since this day to plan ahead in case of such situation and I am also now aware of the restrictions. I believe if there was restriction boards in place I would of been aware of this regardless of the situation. I had drove to Golders Green Roundabout from Finchley Road onto Hodford Road and then a right turn onto Woodstock Road where the car was parked during this penalty charge notice but none of the roads show any signs of restrictions or the hours of restrictions. For the reasons above I ask that this PCN is cancelled.

 Thank you. Fariba

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