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It's not clear whether you've actually received anything from the council? The case history suggests the council hasn't even processed the lease company's request:

This means that when a new PCN is issued to you, you will have to respond regardless of the fact that you've made representations already, that is because whatever you sent now would not have been in response to a PCN served on you; when the PCN is served on you you're required to respond regardless of what might have come before. There's no point in jumping the gun with these statutory procedures.

I have not yet received anything directly from MCC.

I will email the lease company today and ask if the transfer has been completed.

The PCN I was issued at the start are ones received by the lease company from MCC.

I will await a new PCN in my title from MCC and will update as soon as it arrives.
I appreciate your close eye on this case sir.
@PlasticLetters from you narrative you can almost certainly get the PCN overturned, but as John says you need to read the guidance and post up the documents in order to get reliable advice on what to do next.
Thank you (and John too); I will do that.
@PlasticLetters from you narrative you can almost certainly get the PCN overturned, but as John says you need to read the guidance and post up the documents in order to get reliable advice on what to do next.
Civil penalty charge notices (Councils, TFL and so on) / Re: Tfl Royal Docks E6
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@Hashim I've sent you an email, if you reply attaching the notice of rejection I'll post it properly for you.
What are my options after that? IF any. I got stung maybe someone doesn't get stung in the future!
@Sam123 if you have a formal notice of rejection, there is nothing to stop you appealing to the tribunal out of time. The tribunal might say no, but you have nothing to lose in trying.

I recently applied for an out of time appeal on behalf of a client when the debt had already been passed to bailiffs, the appeal was registered and the tribunal ended up allowing it, so obviously it can be done.

I think there is a compelling case to be made that the appeal should be considered out of time, but it's very much down to which adjudicator happens to consider the application.

If you get the notice of rejection from the council let me know and I'll see what can be done. You might need to make a subject access request but that can be long winded, so let's just give them a few days to see if they'll provide it.
@anthomy93 well you turned right into the road:

We have won in such circumstances before where there was an absence of advance warning signs on the road a driver was turning out of, but as GSV is out of date we don't know what the signage situation is.

You should therefore make a representation simply denying the contravention before midnight on Tuesday in order to buy us some time and preserve the discount, this will give us several weeks to get the information back.

In the meantime I'll get hold of photos of the signage and the traffic management order.
I guess understanding things in wrong order is my thing 🤪
Reading the replies I thought there is no grounds for appeal!
Pls let me what technical grounds I need to adopt/explore to appeal, off course donít want my hard earned money to be wasted like this!
Thanks in advance.
Easy when you know how.

Don't worry. I've been around this site (and its predecessor, Pepipoo) for a decade and only learnt the right-click trick for inserting images last week!

P.S. You might want to repost page 1 wuth your name and address redacted (leave everything else in). I'[[ delete the image from my posting.
Thanks Incandescent and H C Andersen.

I have a payment receipt from the council itself in my emails. My payment has been noted on the CC;

"To date you have paid - £65.00"

But it's the timelines that feels mad. I will attempt to take it up with them and update accordingly.
Thank you for your replies. I have now a signed letter and hopefully the car will be released and then an appeal process can take place.  I guess my issue is that there is no sensible process to avoid the extra work, fines and 'guilty until proven innocent' approach that I have a problem with.  If I was unable to deal with this on her behalf, what would happen?
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