Author Topic: General Question Regarding PCN  (Read 196 times)

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General Question Regarding PCN
« on: November 08, 2023, 06:50:15 pm »
@Admins - this is a general question regarding a PCN and not for any specific PCNs that I am currently seeking advice. PLEASE DO NOT MERGE WITH ANY TOPICS

For PCNs that went all the way to the adjudicator and they judged that it is not enforceable due to a technicality or any other reason.

Is there no mechanism in place that will force the council to cancel all PCNs in relation to this issue?

Who holds the council accountable in relation to the issuance of PCNs?
Say they had an IT issue and their system randomly took pictures and sent PCNs to people. Even if 90 out of 100 appealed for this, the 5 who did not appeal and paid for this is still a lot IMHO.

So how can we hold them to account so that they do a good job?

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Re: General Question Regarding PCN
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2023, 07:23:21 pm »
This is a side question related to your live case. We have a strict rule of 1 case 1 thread.
I am responsible for the accuracy of the information I post, not your ability to comprehend it.