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House rules
« on: June 14, 2023, 01:56:58 pm »
We operate some "house rules" on the site.

1. We operate a "one case, one thread" rule. This means that you should keep any posts relating to one case (one incident of speeding, one PCN, etc) to a single thread. Do not start multiple topics on the same case.

2. Do not hijack another person's thread in order to post your own problem. Start your own.

3. If you have some relevant knowledge to share with the OP, feel free to give advice. However, and particularly in advice threads in the speeding, council tickets, and private tickets forums, if you're not sure please qualify your advice, e.g. "I think that...". People who repeatedly post opinion as fact or recklessly give incorrect advice will be subject to moderation, including a ban. Poor advice impacts on OPs who rely on it, other posters who have to correct it, and moderators who have to deal with reports about it.

4. Advice threads in the speeding, council tickets, and private tickets forums are exactly that. Do not stray off topic in them. If you do, don't be surprised if your post disappears.

5. If you come here to ask for advice, don't act up if the advice isn't to your liking. Advice is given freely by people who give up their own time to do so. At least acknowledge that. If you'd prefer to be patted on the shoulder, told "there, there" and given a cup of tea click here. Please also ensure that your posts are readable, i.e. please take some care with spelling and breaking paragraphs up and please don't use text speak.

6. Please use the search function and read around topics to try to understand your issue. This is particularly relevant if you're heading to court. While posters will help you they are not here to babysit you and do everything for you. You will need to put in some effort yourself to try to learn a bit about the topic and there are generally no templates as each situation is different.

7. Disagreements. If someone has mortally insulted your honour please resist the urge to call them out in a thread. Report it to the moderators using the "report post" button, approach them via PM and resolve it, or simply ignore it/them. We expect you to have at least an adult level of resilience and common sense, so perceived slights won't be accorded much sympathy.

8. If you feel that a particular OP does not deserve your help, feel free not to assist him. However, if you feel the need to pass judgment on the OP, feel free to do it somewhere else, as it will not be tolerated on these forums.

9. If you haven’t received any notification from the authorities (such as being stopped by the police, receiving an NIP or a PCN) but want to know “have I been caught?” do not post in the speeding, council or private parking forums. Instead, post your query here. If you post in the active cases forums your post will be deleted.

Feel free to PM Southpaw82 or cp8759 with any concerns. We'd much rather deal with an issue up front and quietly than find our inboxes spammed with dozens of reports about the same post.
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I am not on the "motorists's side", nor am I on the "police/CPS/council's" side, I am simply in favour of the rule of law. Section 6 of the Interpretation Act 1978 applies to everything I post as it would apply to an Act of Parliament. I am a Conservative councillor, this means some people think I am "scum". I practice law in the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, London Tribunals, the First-tier tribunal for Scotland, and the Traffic Penalty Tribunal for Northern Ireland, but I am not a solicitor nor a barrister.

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