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Insurance claim or not -advice welcome
« on: April 18, 2024, 02:29:32 pm »


Have a Kamiq on lease from VWFS (lease ending July 2025), my wife had a bump with a DPD van, when turning left, which was parked on a bend/junction in a narrow street.

Currently only had 1 year of NCB - as only owned a car for 1.5 years (My licence is 15 years old - age 37. My wife's licence is 6 years old - age 33).

No points, previous incidents etc.

Insurance is with Churchill with me as the main driver and my wife as an additional driver. Paid 850 p.a. last year for insurance (500 the year before) (ending in mid-July 2024)

I notified the insurance company about the incident on the same day (and my wife reported it to the police online as the DPD driver did not give their insurance details and only gave the number of their manager who also refused to give insurance details and said it would be dealt directly between insurers). My wife provided her details (but the DPD driver did not ask for them and wasn't provided insurance details - hence the notification to the police since neither party really exchanged insurance info).

The DPD courier van (white van without any logos) got a slight scratch but my car had more extensive damage due to initial contact and then the manoeuvre after (...which really made it worse)... the DPD driver was extremely apologetic and said he had to park there due to volume of deliveries and being in a rush. In any case, given they were stationary, my insurance company would consider this my (wife's) fault so any claim would be at fault. Unclear if the DPD van guy will claim for the scratch on his van but possible. They may think I will claim on their insurance based on what was discussed though but can always make a claim of course.


DPD courier van:

My car:

I took my car to a Volkswagen-approved bodyshop and they said that both passenger doors will need to be changed and the passenger side will need a full paint so quoted around 2,800 or so for a private quotation (inc. parts etc of which around 1600-1700 is just the doors inc. VAT)., 5 days labour at 900 and 200 for paint I assume)

My excess is 400.

1. Should I self-fund the repair or make a claim on insurance? Any guesses what my insurance premium increase would be. I have already notified the insurance company so regardless of if the DPD driver make a claim, guessing premium would increase anyway but really want to know if I actually will save money by paying for this privately

(i.e. would the increase in premium be much higher if I actually claim and then have to pay more than 2,800 in higher premiums over the next 5 years vs. self funding)

2. When I renew my policy - should I enter the accident under my wife's details as an additional driver or mine? It's a bit unclear as for eg. the question in "" for both of us separately is "Have you had any motor accidents, claims or losses in the past 5 years, no matter who was at fault or if a claim was made?" so I will have to say yes to accident for her and give the claim details.

However, do I have to enter the same incident again in my name too as I am the main driver / policy holder? Or can I say no for me if full disclosure is made under my wife's name.

There is also a question in the details of "whether the claim made was under a policy held in their name" which I will have to say no to when entering details under her name.

3. Is there a timeline to make a claim under your own insurance? For eg do we have to get it fixed under the current policy year (ending mid-July 2024)

Any other advice is welcome as this is the first such incident for us

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Re: Insurance claim or not -advice welcome
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2024, 04:42:06 pm »
1. If the TP does make a claim, it will be recorded as an "At fault" claim on your record. Claiming for your own car should make little or no difference to the effect on future premiums.

2. Insurers want to know about (a) claims on your policy and (b) accidents involving you or any named driver. So, both.

3. Six years, but generally the sooner the better.


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Re: Insurance claim or not -advice welcome
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2024, 04:51:29 pm »
In order to assess potential costs/savings:-

1. Do a dummy quote with an incident and a zero claim value.

2. Do a dummy quote with an incident and a 2,800 claim value and adjusted no claims years in accordance with your policy (which is likely 2 years loss).

As an approximation multiply that by 3. That is roughly the cost.

However, in reality, going forwards you should be gaining more no claims. So repeat 2 each with 1 extra year of NCD and driver age. Add up 5 of those. That may be a better approximation.


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Re: Insurance claim or not -advice welcome
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2024, 09:08:00 pm »
IMO, some damage is already done by notifying your insurer. You'll HAVE to disclose this going forwards whether you claim or not. Some (at least mine did) still load premiums for non-fault notifications.

Realistically, you need to figure out how much your insurance premium will be going forward. Some dummy quotes (with dummy details, and no DL numbers entered, on a car similar to yours but with no reg entered) may help, as per slapdash. You could do a further quote to mimic a year down the line if you wish also (put the claim date in the past).

Just be warned that you may get questioned if they twig its you - make sure to use details as close as possible to yours but without identifying numbers like car reg, dl numbers, your email address, etc. The insurance companies are VERY good at linking dummy quotes.


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Re: Insurance claim or not -advice welcome
« Reply #4 on: April 19, 2024, 11:11:14 am »
To complete dummy quote paranoia some would go to a library or similar to use a new to them device. Dummy quotes have been mentioned in ombudsman decision centering around misdeclaration and there are reports of some insurers demanding additional documention and sometimes cancelling.

My insurer applies NCDs of 60%, 65%,  69%, 69%, 72%, 75%.

With no NCD your 850 will go back to 2125. With 2 yrs it will go to 744. It's only the first year that will be significantly more painful.

With no loadings or premium changes the extra costs over 5 years would be 1900 plus your excess.

It seems likely the third party will probably claim anyway.


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Re: Insurance claim or not -advice welcome
« Reply #5 on: April 19, 2024, 12:52:01 pm »
I had an insurer (Adrian Flux) cancel my bike insurance because I was insured SD&P only but had also gotten a quote for business use as it would have been useful to be able to ride to informal meetings if the extra cost was minimal.
Having told them on the proposal what I would be using the bike for, and confirmed to the satisfaction of their agent when she phoned me, they then decided that I needed to tell them again in writing. I responded by telling them that I didn't need to tell them the same thing again and they re-instated the policy.
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