Author Topic: READ THIS FIRST - **BEFORE POSTING YOUR CASE!**, This section is for council, TFL, Dart/Mersey/Tyne etc. cases  (Read 3300 times)

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HOW TO GET HELP in this section of the forum
Please follow these instructions to avoid delay in response.
Please also read the house rules.

1.TOPIC TITLE. give the details of the penalty charge notice (PCN) – include:
Council name or other authority
The alleged contravention (summarise - no need to quote in full)
Examples: Islington, code 01 parked in a restricted street, White Lion Street / TFL, yellow box, Homerton Fire Station

If your case is at bailiff stage, add 'bailiff' to the title. We need to focus on this first.

2. Outline your case/tell your story/explain the problem and how we might help.

3. Post the PCN and all subsequent notices or correspondence. The easiest way is to take pictures with your phone. There is some upload space on this site but it's quite limited, so it's best to upload to a picture hosting site (such as or similar) and post links

You can use the "add image" icon to embed images in your post:

However if you are using imgur (our preferred option), once you've uploaded an image to the site you can use the share link option to copy the BB codes:

You can then paste that into your post and the image will be embedded into the post, just as all the images in this post have been.

Alternatively use Google Drive/Dropbox etc. and post links.
You can also upload videos to YouTube, Vimeo etc. and to Google Drive etc.

Leave in the PCN number and vehicle numberplate (VRM). The ONLY things you should obscure are your name and address where they appear, NOTHING ELSE. We may need ALL sides of ALL pages but it is OK to start a case with just the front of the PCN.

You can of course post council pics and videos too but don’t struggle – ask for help.

For location we like to see a Street View link in Google Maps, for example:

To share a Google Street View location, click the three dots in the upper-left hand corner and then "Share or embed image":

You will then get a short URL you can copy / paste into the forum:

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