Author Topic: Single Justice Procedure - Shoud I attend court?  (Read 196 times)

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Single Justice Procedure - Shoud I attend court?
« on: May 07, 2024, 12:09:26 pm »

I have received a Single Justice Procedure Notice for a speeding offence. I do not have any points on my licence currently (actually I have never had any in 30 years of driving, which makes me more angry with myself for this speeding offence :-(.

I was driving the car so obviously need to plead guilty.

I was caught doing 51 in a 30 btw which just put me in the highest category of offence, hence the SCP.

My question is whether there is any value in attending the court case and is there anything I can say that can actually help the final outcome (i.e. the fine I will receive, the points I will receive and the risk of being banned).

My instinct tells me that to say "I'm a nice guy, I've never received any points in 30 years of driving etc etc" won't actually make any difference or may actually make things worse as it implies I don't accept the seriousness of the driving offence. This is only my thoughts though so appreciate it anyone has any experience/expert advice on this and also as mentioned, whether turning up in court can actually help?



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Re: Single Justice Procedure - Shoud I attend court?
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2024, 01:29:32 pm »
Sentencing for speeding is very prescriptive and there is rarely anything to be said that will significantly influence the outcome. I would suggest it's not worth attending.

The guideline sentence for 51 in a 30mph limit is a ban of up to 56 days or six points. The overwhelming likelihood is that six points will be the option. You will also pay a fine of one week's net income (this includes a one third discount for a guilty plea), a surcharge of 40% of that fine and prosecution costs of around Ł90. In the unlikely event that the Single Justice believes a ban should be considered, your case will be adjourned for a hearing in the normal magistrates' court and you will be invited to attend.

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Re: Single Justice Procedure - Shoud I attend court?
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2024, 04:29:38 pm »
Absent any actually information I guess you do ‘obviously need to plead guilty’, but there are still a number of potential defences that may or may not apply such as
1/ defective NIP
2/ incorrect or inadequate signage
3/ incorrect order setting the limit (unless it has a system of street lighting)
There are motorists who have been scammed and those who are yet to be scammed!