Author Topic: Smart Parking PCN - Vehicle failed to pay for sufficient time - Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes  (Read 46 times)

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Hello all, I'm looking for some advice if possible.

The driver of the vehicle holds a blue badge and was unaware this car park had changed to require payment for stays longer than 2 hours, it was previously a free car park. Upon entering the car park, they did not notice the signage to the left side of the entrance, and parked in the disabled bay marked with yellow road paint. The "Parking for blue badge holders only" sign was also visible until the car was parked in front of it, blocking the fine print below. They exited the vehicle and walked opposite to meet their friend and exited the car park at the bottom towards the lake, missing the payment machine located on the small yellow stoned path. I do not believe there is any further signage in the bottom part of the car park.

Car Park Entrance Sign
Disabled Parking Sign
Payment Machine
Car Park Map

Both vehicles received PCNs for overstaying the free 2 hours. Dated 08/09/23, issued 4/10/23

An appeal was made through the Smart Parking website and no response was received. A letter from Debt Recovery Plus was received 12/12/23. A complaint was raised on 18/12/23. This complaint mentioned the lack of response to the appeal, the lack of "all further action will be suspended pending review" and the request for more time to respond due to being hospitalised with kidney failure whilst also trying to visit their sick partner in hospital.

An acknowledgement of the complaint was received on 28/12/23 and a response made on the 2/1/24 " Upon checking our records, we can confirm that a response to your appeal was sent by email on 3rd  November 2023. We have attached a copy for you. However, as you have stated that this has not been received, we can offer to pull the charge back from Debt Recovery Plus and reinstated the discount for you. This would provide the opportunity to pay the reduced amount or further appeal the charge. Please can you confirm if you are happy to proceed on this basis? "
Appeal response

24/01/24 An email was sent to the land owner explaining what happened

29/01/24 The land owners response:

From 2022, motorists who use our car park at Shirwell Crescent, Furzton will be charged for stays of over two hours. Visitors who use the car park for under two hours will not be charged. Blue Badge holders are not exempt from parking charges as per the signage throughout the car park. This change is prompted by continued, all-day use of the car park by motorists who do not visit the area to enjoy the lake and parkland. Our intention is to protect parking spaces for park users.

10/02/24 An email was sent to Smart Parking apologizing for the delayed response due to the above + severe eye infection + partner passing away and advising no updated letter was provided to pay the reduced amount.

20/02/24 The response from Smart Parking:

Please see attached, the copy of your appeal response which was sent on the 3rd November 2023. As we did not receive any further communication, the Parking Charge Notice continued to naturally escalate.

The drivers both sat on a close by bench to enjoy a catch-up and some packed lunch before going home.

I'm currently unsure what the next action should be, the first no reply would have meant the opportunity to appeal to Popla was no longer possible. It seems both the parking company and land owner are being vague with their wording on purpose.

I'm currently arranging a funeral, but I do find this to be some sort of distraction when I have time, although not a pleasant one.

PCN Letter
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Firstly, my condolences on your loss, I hope you're coping as well as can be hoped.

Secondly, a slight aside before we get onto the substance of the case, if you get any charges in future do come here before appealing, we could have got these cancelled for you. But what's done is done, so let's look at the options...

Can you show us exactly what was submitted as the appeal? What you submitted may affect how we proceed.


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Thank you for your kind words. We've been keeping ourselves busy for the most part.

Parking in MK is usually quite good in my opinion towards the disabled, always free and plenty of spaces. The parks trust who manages the greenery also have a diversity statement on their website which I must have misinterpreted as I thought it would be pretty straight forward raising this issue with them.

I've searched all over for the appeal details but I'm afraid I can't find anything other than the acknowledgement email from them. It was a form on their website they ask you to fill in. I was sure I had copied the text elsewhere, but have had no luck finding it.

Is this something I should be able to request from them?