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« on: April 22, 2024, 12:13:53 pm »
Well we see enough ordinary people going down the SovCit/FMOTL rabbit hole to their own detriment, but when a professional qualified Lawyer does it I have to say thatís a bit of a surprise.

Canada but the legal system still has a lot of similarities to ours.

Career and finances trashed.
There are motorists who have been scammed and those who are yet to be scammed!

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Re: SovCit
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2024, 06:25:42 pm »
Well one thing I don't understand is this:

In Arbabi's notice of claim, filed in October, she identified herself as "i, a woman" and said the case would be tried in the "naomi arbabi court."

So why would she file paperwork with a court she doesn't recognise? Surely she should have appointed herself the judge in the case and issued her own claim form or summons?
I am not on the "motorists's side", nor am I on the "police/CPS/council's" side, I am simply in favour of the rule of law. Section 6 of the Interpretation Act 1978 applies to everything I post as it would apply to an Act of Parliament. I am a Conservative councillor, this means some people think I am "scum". I practice law in the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, London Tribunals, the First-tier tribunal for Scotland, and the Traffic Penalty Tribunal for Northern Ireland, but I am not a solicitor nor a barrister.

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