Author Topic: NEWHAM PCN CODE 12 - Permit Holders Only Sign Sprayed - Dirleton Road  (Read 447 times)

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Re: NEWHAM PCN CODE 12 - Permit Holders Only Sign Sprayed - Dirleton Road
« Reply #15 on: April 05, 2024, 08:00:34 am »
I dealt with PN37125522 by phone with the tribunal yesterday. Here is the outcome:

I heard this appeal by telephone, speaking to the Appellantís representative Mr Dishman.

There is no doubt that the sign for the bay was defaced, and seriously so, making its provisions illegible. Although I note the Councilís evidence as to warning notices issued, Mr Dishman has told me that the vehicle has changed hands; but in any event I know of no authority to the effect that information as to parking restrictions in force can be given other than by clear and correct prescribed signage. Enforceability does not depend upon the personal knowledge of individual motorists. As the sign was defaced it ceased to be clear or compliant and in these circumstances no contravention occurred.

Hopefully this will lead newham to look more carefully at other PCNs of the same kind which are being challenged, by me, and presumably others.
I help you pro bono (for free). I only ask that a donation is made to the North London Hospice if you can afford it and if you win. I have an 85% success rate across 2,000 PCNs but some PCNs can't be beaten and I will tell you if your case looks hopeless.