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I would be grateful if we can be represented flat adjudication for this (if there is a chance to win).

PCN recieved:

Council's Video recording:

Pepipoo thread:

Representation made:

Dear Redbridge Council,

Re PCN AF97279856

I recently received the above PCN dated 15 May 2023 which concerns entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited.

My husband was driving the car at the time and so the only opportunity I have had to consider the circumstances is from reviewing the footage you have provided on your website. This shows the car entering and stopping within the box junction, but it is not possible to see the reason the car stopped where it did.

As you will be aware, a stop in a box junction is only a contravention if it is due to the presence of stationary vehicles. Your footage contains no evidence that this was the case in the circumstances of this PCN. It's entirely possible my husband stopped the vehicle for a different reason (e.g. pedestrian crossing the road, a car ahead of the box which was advancing forward slowly or some other reason).

If you have alternative footage which does show my husband stopped the car due to the presence of stationary vehicles please make it available to me, otherwise I trust you will cancel the PCN.

Yours faithfully,


Notice of Rejection:

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