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I've had to re-request the amending order in question, as nothing they have sent us justified the removal of the single yellow line and the installation of the bay.

In the meantime this is a representation you can send (attach a copy of this):

Dear London Borough of Brent,

My vehicle was issued a penalty charge for being parked on a single yellow line outside number 16 Holland Road, the purpose of that yellow line was to protect the drive to that property. On the day in question, the drive had already been removed and the single yellow line was effectively redundant. I note the council has since removed the single yellow line and replaced it with a parking bay, see the attached image.

It is therefore apparent that the yellow line had served its purpose, and enforcement of the penalty charge would serve no traffic management purpose in this instance.

I would therefore ask you to rescind the charge on this occasion.

Yours faithfully,

The council will re-offer the discount as long as they receive the representation by 26 July, and we should have the relevant amending order before you get a response.

You can use this draft:

Thank you -- however, I was given three printed pages of appeal information stapled to the ticket (as uploaded above). Is this not what they are supposed to do?
It is, but they're meant to give you information about the current law, not about a law that was abolished last year. The 2007 regulations ceased to have effect on 31 May 2022, they updated the PCN and the Notice to Owner templates, but it seems they forgot to update the paperwork they hand out at the pound.

I have sent you a message, you can simply reply to it.

Please post up the NTO, all sides of all pages.

Also being abroad should make no difference as long as you have internet access.

The controlled parking zone sign is for, well, parking; it has nothing to do with moving traffic restrictions. Here's a draft representation.

Dear London Borough of Tower Hamlets

I would like to make representations against PCNs TT55449277 and TT55449109 on the following grounds.

Firstly in respect of PCN TT55449109, I would suggest that in the absence of any advance warning signs, there is inadequate notice of the restriction given to motorists turning left into Coborn Street from Coborn Road.

Secondly, both PCNs were incurred within a few minutes of each other, so looking at the totality of the circumstances I invite you to consider whether it is proportionate to enforce both penalties.

I would thus ask whether you would be willing to cancel PCN TT55449109 and allow PCN TT55449277 to be paid at the 50% discounted rate.

Yours faithfully,

Before you ask, the PCN numbers have been very deliberately cited as they have been.

I'll drop you a PM.

1) The council doesn't have to re-offer the discount at all, we just happen to know that they do if you make representations within 14 days. There is no legal right to have the discount extended, and they don't have to tell you that they will extend it.

2) The road markings are irrelevant, they don't need any road markings at all. The upright signs on their own would be quite enough, so I'm really not sure why you're so focused on the road markings?

3) At the tribunal they won't have any additional footage of your car, but they will have library photos showing the upright signs.

This is like pulling teeth, but it is what it is, you'll have to go back to them:

Dear hire company,

Have you ever received any correspondence from Brent confirming that liability has been transferred to me?

Yours faithfully,

Once you've got the video just upload the file to youtube or vimeo and post the link on here.

It might be easier if I could speak to the other passenger, if you could message me privately with contact details I can have a word with her.

I've got this back from the council:

You need to measure the distance from the kerb of Oxford Avenue and the footway parking sign to check that it's 15 metres. The measurement should be taken from the extended kerb, so you can measure from the white lines at the junction.


As long as your representations are received by the council by midnight on 24 July, the discount will be re-offered, so you might as well have a go, here's a draft representation:

Dear London Borough of Wandsworth,

I challenge liability for PCN WA88495191 on the basis of a collateral challenge. The notice is ambiguous as to what 28 day period is available to make representations, the information on page one indicates this is the period of 28 days starting with the date of the notice, while the information on page 2 indicates it is 28 days starting with the date of service of the notice.

There are severe consequences for failing to comply with these deadlines, which must therefore be conveyed clearly and without ambiguity. In light of this, the penalty charge must be cancelled.

Yours faithfully,

In the meantime I'll get hold of the traffic order. The council will certainly reject but they might also make further mistakes in the Notice of Rejection, which might open other avenues.

The Notice of Rejection is drivel and you should 100% wait for the Notice to Owner. The council can only enforce the contravention stated on the PCN, which either occurred or did not occur. The fact that something else might have occurred is irrelevant.

Do you have the V5C and is the address up to date?

Very well done!

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