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For future reference: The Bexley (Waiting and Loading Restriction) Traffic Order 2019

Bexley are a bit dense so they require me to specify that the following applies to the order: "LB Bexley data produced September 2019. This information is accurate at the date of the order only, restrictions on street often change and the information shown should not be taken as being the current restrictions on street."

I'm not saying we're getting a case a day where the traffic order doesn't exist, but it's certainly starting to feel like several a week:

@Redeye it's 100% worth carrying on, you basically can't lose.

The reasons for this will become clear if you read these cases:

Stanmore Quality Surfacing Ltd v Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames (2230464748, 15 February 2024)
Stanmore Quality Surfacing Ltd v Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames (2230487415, 23 February 2024)
Stanmore Quality Surfacing Ltd v Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames (2230545861, 26 February 2024)
Stanmore Quality Surfacing Ltd v Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames (2240138955, 18 May 2024)

This point should not be raised prior to the tribunal, I would wait for the notice to owner and then challenge it based on the signage issues. At the tribunal the signage issue can still be pursued, but the issues around the council website should render the appeal unanswerable.

There is a fair chance of getting a costs order against the council.

Should I perhaps, as belt and braces, send the signed SD's in the post by "signed for" mail? I could enclose a letter to confirm that I had already submitted the SDs via email so that there is no chance of the SDs being considered twice?
Absolutely not, anything you send by post to any organization nowadays just gets scanned and shredded. Your email will be considered first (because it was received first) and the postal copy would do nothing other than make the backlog worse for everyone whose application is sitting in the queue behind yours.

@Twasbrillig you seem to have disappeared but I've now received this from the council:

The traffic order itself is The Ealing (Ravenor School Street) (No. 1) Traffic Order 2023 and it makes no mention of any pedestrian zone.

I can see you've filed an appeal, I suggest you don't try and do this all yourself or you risk ending up like one of these cases:

Please let us know when your hearing is.

@cp8759 pls find attached the message I get when I try searching for PCN.
I have no idea what you're doing, you need to look up the PCN on this page:

@mang0 do you have any mitigating circumstances, especially anything unconnected to the contravention itself?

@DIP181394 check the amount due on once a week, as soon as it drops down to 65 let us know and I will draft a representation for you.

Firstly nothing that might happen with a PCN can have any impact whatsoever on your credit history or mortgage application, even if you end up with the bailiffs at your door is still won't show up on your credit history because your credit history is about your ability to repay what you borrow, it has nothing to do with your parking skills.

Also nothing you do at this stage is an appeal, it's just a representation to the council. If your representations are rejected at the NTO stage then you have a right to appeal to the independent tribunal, the full process is explained here:

The council has six months from the date of the contravention to serve the NTO, but usually it's much quicker than that.

Hi thank you all for helping me. I've decided to pay the fine this time before it reaches 160.
@tyersal up to you, but with TFL the penalty doesn't go up if you appeal, so you might have thrown your money away for nothing.

Therefore as the police seem to know who was driving the car that hit his car, he can claim for the loss of his car and other expenses from the other party. surely the police are obliged to give those details if they are known.
As I've said above, the easiest way to get the details is to report the incident as a hit and run. Yes you could look at all sorts of legal routes to get the information, but filling in the relevant form on the force website will put this in the intray of someone who is going to want to get details of insurance companies exchanged so the report can be closed.

My question is, does anyone think this is worth us appealing?
@IHave3CrazyCats as advised above please read the guidance and we'll be able to tell you.

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