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Hi, so I made the formal representations and I received a letter yesterday to say the pcn has been cancelled. Thank you for all comments and thank you very much to @cp8759 for your help/advice  :)

Hello, no I've not done them yet, I think I have until Wednesday to submit them.

Morning all

I have received the NTO now (attached). When I do the formal reps, do I just repeat exactly what I said in the informal challenge?


Thanks again for all replies. Yes I'm the registered keeper. I am going to carry on and do formal reps, just waiting for the nto now.

@cp8759 thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the replies and advice, I have sent the challenge today.

Hi everyone

I'm just after some advice please. I received a pcn a couple of days ago. I parked in Greenock Street, Liverpool, there are faded/worn double yellow lines on a small section of the road, this is where I parked. I work in the area and have parked there before with no issues, I've also seen other people parked in the same spot many times (I know that's not a defence, just giving some context) pics below.

Link to pcn:

Google street view:
11 Greenock St

Pcn evidence pics:

The evidence pics show that the double yellow lines are very clear half way up the street, they are then broken by a small section of pavement, after this they are faded/worn away.

Am I bang to rights here? Or would there be any grounds to appeal based on the faded lines? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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