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Hello All,

Good news, the council did cancel the PCN using their discretion. They sent the following response, outlining that the PCN was correct but they would cancel the PCN which would have been due to my personal circumstance.

Thank you for all your assistance.

P.S. Progress is slow, but my baby is growing and is healthy thus far. We are hoping next week that she reaches a weight that has a better chance of survival (above 500 grams). Doctors are still being quite bleak about the outcome due to her very low weight, so it is all in God's hands. But I appreciate all the help from this team, and keep up the great work.

Thank you. I'm just trying to figure out when the 14 days has elapsed. I receive the ticket on a Sunday 2 weeks ago so have I missed the chance to get the discount if I appeal today (Monday)? Or is Monday the last day? Or if I have missed the discounted period, then should I wait for the NTO to come through the post which should give me a chance to get the discount again?

Thank for your advice and kind words. I put the details in ChatGPT and get the following letter. I recall one of your members mentioning that ChatGPT wasn't the best place to write a letter but let me know your thoughts.

Subject: Appeal for Car Parking Ticket Issued on [Date]

Dear [Parking Authority],

I am writing to appeal the parking ticket I received on [Date] for parking across a lowered verge to meet the carriage way. While I understand that there may not be a legal challenge to this violation, I hope you will consider the personal circumstances that led to my poor judgment.

Approximately five months ago, my wife and I were overjoyed to learn that she was pregnant after years of trying, thanks to IVF treatment. However, our joy has been overshadowed by recent complications. During a routine scan last month, it was discovered that our baby is severely undersized, significantly jeopardizing its chances of survival. As a result, we have been referred to UCLH for specialized prenatal care, requiring weekly scans to monitor the baby's progress.

Understandably, this situation has left us both deeply upset and anxious. Every day is a struggle, filled with prayers for the best possible outcome. On the day in question, I was rushing to attend the mosque to seek solace and guidance through prayer, as it is the only source of hope I have during this challenging time.

In my haste and emotional state, I made the regrettable decision to park in a location that I believed to be adequate. I recognize that it was a poor choice to park so close to the corner, and I apologize for any inconvenience caused. However, I believed that parking on the main road would impede traffic flow, as it is a busy thoroughfare, potentially causing further disruptions and delays.

I searched for alternative parking spots on the side road but was unable to find a more suitable location without having to drive a significant distance away. Given the circumstances and my desire to minimize disruption, I believed that the spot I chose was within the limits of acceptability.

I fully acknowledge my mistake and assure you that it was not made out of disregard for the parking regulations but rather due to the overwhelming circumstances weighing heavily on my mind. I kindly request your understanding and compassion in reconsidering this parking ticket.

Thank you for taking the time to review my appeal. I sincerely hope for a favorable outcome, as I continue to navigate through this difficult period in my life.

[Your Name]

I do have some personal issues but its quite sensitive to me so I'm not sure if I want to bleed my heart out to the council as in someways it might cheapen this situation that my family and I are facing. I'll mention it here just to see your thoughts.

After trying for many years, my wife became pregnant about 5 months ago via IVF treatment which is amazing. The pregnancy was going well, but last month during a scan they detected that the baby is really undersized which jeopardises the chances of survival considerably. My wife and I are understandable upset and anxious and we've been referred to UCLH as they have the best prenatal care there. We are now having weekly scans to check the baby's progress and I admit that I am in a daze and just praying everyday to God for the best outcome.

It's a worrying situation but as you can imagine I'm not sure I want to use my baby's excuse just to get out of a ticket as that maybe feels like I'm making light of a serious situation.


Yes, I was driving, I thought I was just following the forum to not identify myself but maybe that is for speeding tickets and not parking tickets.

I am also the registered keeper and I have the V5C.

I don't have any meaningful reason for parking that I could provide.

The photos uploaded are the CEO' photo's. There are a few more which just show that the parking ticket has been placed under the windscreen wipers to prove that the CEO did leave a ticket, but I didn't think that was relevant to upload. I'm not at home so I don't have the PCN number to hand but I can provide this if you really do think there is something worth checking further there.


Yes, I agree it was a poor decision to park so close to the corner. There was space on the main road but parking there would have impeded traffic on this busy main road, generally causing only traffic to flow one direction whilst the other side has to wait, which in turn causes traffic to build up. So I thought it was better to park on the side road as it wouldn't have caused any traffic to build up in this manner. And I couldn't find a more suitable place for parking on the side road without having to drive quite a distance away, so I thought this option was just within the limits of acceptability.

Dear Team,

A driver went out on a Sunday and parked on a yellow line. As it was a Sunday then the yellow line was not active and many other vehicles were parked on yellow lines. But the driver had also parked partially across a drop kerb, which is not a drop kerb to a driveway, but for the public who are using the footpath and need smooth access when moving across the footpath to the road i.e. for push chairs, scooters etc.

A sneaky traffic warden on a moped was traveling around the area, and had just left the road, but must have saw the driver just park up so returned in less than 30 seconds once the driver had left the vehicle. They issued a PCN and we was wondering if there is any chance of appealing this PCN? Below is a copy of the PCN and some of the photo's taken by the traffic warden. The driver did take some pictures themselves, so let us know if any additional angles are needed?

PCN issued.

Photo's taken by the traffic warden.

Hi cp8759, I got itchy feet, and with other things going on in my life then I didn't want to go through the hassle of taking this to court so I just ended up paying the discounted price. So thank you for all the help but I don't think there is anything further needed for this post.

Thanks again.

So should the driver just wait till they receive the NTO? As the driver already appealed, then I thought this indicates the driver received the PCN physically and therefore the discounted rate will no longer apply if the driver waits for the NTO as it will pass the 14 days discount period.

The driver is just worried that they will have to pay the full amount as it seems the grounds to appeal this PCN is quite low, so it would be sensible to just pay the discounted amount and be done with this PCN?

The driver is the registered keeper on the vehicle and their details are up to date on the DVLA.

Thanks for the reply. So should I take it that the driver doesn't have much grounds for appeal and should just pay the reduced penalty?

Thanks again for all your help thus far.

Hello Team,

So the driver sent the following response to the Council when appealing this PCN.

And the Council sent back the following response.

How should the driver proceed?

Thank you


If no-one else comes in with advice, I'd put in a simple challenge (to preserve the discount) based on Hippocrates post reply#3, that the tmescales for paying/challenging do not match the requirements of the legislation..

Is there some response template the forum has that articulates this particular appeal which the driver could just copy/modify and paste when responding to the council?

Thanks John and Incandescent, seems the driver was just not paying attention, especially if they passed 2 signs mentioning when the next event day occurred. Do you think the driver could appeal saying that the sign did not mention that an event was occurring on the 5th Jan and hope the Council don't have any evidence that does support a valid sign was in-place?

Sorry if I sound like I'm being pushy, but I'm just conscious that the 14 day timeframe to pay or appeal whilst keeping the 50% discounted fee is due by tomorrow and I'm not clear on if there is any grounds to appeal for this particular PCN. Please let me know what I can do as the PCN seems correctly worded but I don't recall seeing any sign's noting a event day when I entered the area with the event day parking restrictions.

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