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Yes and it is still showing as outstanding, but also gives the option to pay or contest.


I have a quick question, how long does a council have to issue a NTO?

The initial appeal was rejected in a letter dated 20Dec2023, attached on earlier post, but the registered keeper has not received any correspondence to date?

Should I wait or go online and submit representation?

Hi All.

Please see attached Notice of Rejection of Representation.

Please advice if I shall proceed to The Tribunal and on what grounds?

The photos are the council's, taken by the CEO.

Good Afternoon,

Car was parked in Pay and Display bay on Mansfield Road and payment made via Ringo Payment App, see attached. However, PCN issued within time limit.

Made formal representation on basis that the contravention did not occur, but Redbridge have rejected it and received what looks like a standard response this morning.

Please advise as I am failing to see on what grounds.

PCN no: AF06675384



Not clear from photo but there is a crossover which has been in place for over 20+ years. 

Also been parking this car on the driveway since 2019 and never received a PCN or even prior.

Sorry what is GSV short for?

Good Afternoon,

Received a PCN whilst car was parked in driveway with all 4 wheels, as can be seen from the photos.

Contravention code 62 states parked with one or more wheels on the footway.

This clearly is not the case and I sent an appeal on the basis that the allege contravention did not occur as all 4 of my wheels are within private land.

Redbridge Council have rejected my appeal which seems like standard response, see attached, and not sure if I am missing something here...

Please advise whether I should either pay or wait for Notice to Owner and make form Representation.

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