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The discount seems to still be available, so it might be sensible to pay it before the penalty goes up. I'm all for challenging everything, but if there are no arguable grounds there's no point in throwing good money after bad.

If on the other hand the penalty goes up to 130 before payment is made, then your friend might as well appeal as the penalty doesn't go up any further if she loses.

thanks for your help.
The council have cancelled the PCN.

I sent multiple letters to different departments and the CEO of croydon. The CEO didnt even acknowledge the letter or the request to register the car as exempt. Asked for reasonable adjustment to register the car without filling in multiple forms for each LTN. As my friend finds if difficult to do use the computer for a long time. The CEO has ignored this request. So looks like i'll have to escalate this with the MP.

The PCN department emailed her back to ask for the copy of the blue badge and then they cancelled it, so it may have been that they didn't look at all the stuff we sent. I did put the stuff about procedural impropriety and failing to look at all the evidence at the appeal stage in the letter.

Thanks for everyone help it was much appreciated.

You say that the blue badge exemption is only for residents?
I didn't say that at all.

The blue badge exemption is only for people who have applied for a blue badge permit and had the permit issued to them (I believe it's a virtual permit so you'd likely get an email confirmation). From what you say, your friend did not apply for a permit and did not have a permit on the day in question. Maybe they can apply for one for future visits, but as far as the contravention in question is concerned it's too late as the permit would not have retrospective effect.

If your friend wants to enquire about getting a blue badge permit for future visits, the council website says to write to

Yeah thanks, she didn't apply for a permit because the page she looked at said blue badge holders was exempt but that page didnt say you need to apply for a permit. That information was on another page.
She has asked croydon to exempt her from all the LTNs in croydon as they already have her details and she finds it hard to do the repetitive forms for all the LTNs. We are waiting for a reply from them.

Thanks for your help.
You say that the blue badge exemption is only for residents? but I cant find this on the website. The driver was visiting and not a resident.
The carers permit and the schools permit page all mention that they have to be within the LTN but the blue badge bit doesn't. So for me reading this it would seem that any blue badge holder would be exempt. Other boroughs actually write that you have to live in the borough etc to get a blue badge exemption. Some boroughs allow all blue badge holders to be exempt.

I have got the PCN photos.
I have attached put them in this post.

Do you think it would be worth appealing for the blue badge exemption? As they have ignored this and I have asked the CEO to exempt the vehicle from the LTN as a blue badge holder and she has said she don't get involved with PCN.

ok, i thought you was meant to hide the details.
the PCN reference is CR18524525
Vehicle: LY68KUF

i spoke to my friend who said she didnt she the warning signs on gardeners road. In some appeals this year people have put it down that the signs have fallen. I dont live local to check if they are there but the council didnt put photos of the warning signs in the rejection letter, like they have with others.

This is the tricky junction where the signs are place right after you turn left and have little or no reaction time to read the signs.
Are you saying these advance warning signs have gone missing?

From what you are saying, your case rests on the failure to consider the plea for discretion that you made. CAn you please show us a copy of exactly what you sent? If you didn't keep a copy, please recreate it from memory as best you can.

no those signs are still there.
i have attached the file in previous posts ill attach it again but let me know if you cant see it. its the pdf file attached to this post

I have even sent a letter to the CEO of Croydon about the procedural impropriety and equality act and worded it as a letter before action and the reply was she dont replay to this matter. In the letter i even asked them to provide the traffic order and list of exemptions. Surely this is another failure from the council. Under the freedom of information act they have to provide the traffic order and list of exemptions at the very least. For her to dismiss the letter completely is a joke.

It's also sounds as if that you have a failure to consider, but we need to see their response and compare it to your appeal to advise yo on that.

If this was me, I'd be taking this one to adjudication. The council can't publish a web page that says you're exempt then turn round and say 'ha ha, tricked you, we didn't mean it, cough up'.

Thanks I put up the reply from them in the 1st post with links to imgbb but i have attached the pic. to this comment, also i have attached what i sent them. Their reply is a bog standard reply and mentions nothing of the points i sent them.



It says blue badge holders exempt but only if they apply for exemption before hand.

This is the tricky junction where the signs are place right after you turn left and have little or no reaction time to read the signs.

I have looked at other notice of rejections and they at least mention some points raised by the person but this one doesn't mention any points raised.

would this come under Failure to consider is a procedural impropriety.

They have written the "PCN was issued because our CCTV camera evidence shows your vehicle going where motorises vehicle are not allowed." But it doesnt, it only shows the signs from the opposite side as if a vehicle was coming from the opposite direction. the CCTV cameras are not fitted to show from the direction of travel so you can't see if there are any signs there or not.

There is no mention of anything about blue badge exemptions which was the main point.

I have attached the 1st page of the PCN as thats all i have i am doing this on behalf of my friend
and the appeal i sent in.

Got a PCN on Parsons mead croydon. Sent in appeal as blue badge holders are exempt but you need to register before hand. Sent in copies of blue badge and asked for the TRO and the list of who is exempt etc and they didnt send in any of the documents asked for.

I think they didn't consider the appeal and just sent a generic rejection as there is no mention of blue badge etc.

I mentioned the equality act and asked for reasonable adjustments to cancel it as blue badge holders are exempt.

The video shows the signs in the opposite direction and not from the direction of travel. I mentioned this in the appeal.

I have attached the copy of the rejection.

can I pay at the reduced rate and still appeal to adjudication for a refund? the letter says you can't but i think it might be possible.

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