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Hi cp8759,

Of course, I would greatly appreciate it if you could. Actually I was hoping you will ask me that question 8)


Hello again,

As expected I received the rejection from TFL Yesterday. I scanned all the documents and put them here: ULEZ TFL rep rejection scans

It looks like some standard template reply as they claim "there are two signs at this crossroads junction so that the signage will be positioned to be visible for all directions of travel affected". Thats of course a blatant lie.

I would appreciate some additionl help. Shall I do it online on londontribunals page or send everything by post? Seems like nothing can be added to evidence (except stating that 56 days reply limit was ignored by TFL) so I guess I should state that my previous evidence shall be used. Postal vs Personal?



This is a topic that is continuation of the one from PPP. Original thread: Richmond, Kew Green, ULEZ PCN

I've received an ULEZ PCN as I entered it without knowledge due to bad signage. I've submitted a representation on 18th of April and there was no response / action on TFL side for a long time (except email confirmation of reception of representation). The charging authority supposedly has up to 56 days to reply to representation so I assumed the case is closed as it expired around 13th of June (the link to regulations provided by Incandescent on PPP - thanks again). But...

Current situation
I've just checked the PCN again Today to look for any changes and surprisingly I see they rejected my representation and reset the discount Yesterday!
The status history is as below:

26 June 2023
Rejected Representation - Discount Period Reset

TfL has rejected a representation received for this PCN. The discount period has been reset for a specific duration.
05 May 2023
On Hold: SUS26 - Representation Received

19 April 2023
Representation submitted Under review

18 April 2023
Email dispatched to: Subj Representation receipted

18 April 2023
On Hold: SUS26 - Representation Received


I have not received any post yet but I'm sure I will get it soon. I just wonder - maybe the regulations meaning is 56 working days? If not, how is it possible that TFL which is part of government has such a disregard for law?
I guess I have to wait for official rejection? Or maybe something can be done now?

BTW good job with a new forum!


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