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The Flame Pit / Re: A hypothetical question, court fines
« on: July 10, 2024, 01:13:00 pm »
I often wondered how this was pan out in my case.

I took redundancy, after 26 years.  So a substantial payout. I don't expect to work again.

I wish to put off touching my pension as long as possible; so no 'income'. 
I am living off savings.

In the event of a court case, how would my 'income' be calculated?  By the amount of money I have taken from my savings in the last year?

Whilst it may not be unfair if, ahem, I was given a minimum fine, presumably there are others in the world with no formal 'income' but millions in the bank. 


As you were doing over the highest possible limit (70), that has the feeblest excuse known to man

First rule of holes applies here.


OP was caught doing 46 in a 40.


I'd be a bit reluctant to let any of your kids drive the car in future. Or get them to pay any penalty between themselves first. That might help with their memory or truthfulness!

But stick with it here. CP has a habit of finding ways to avoid payment!



I would concur with cp.  When I had a registered noncompliant car,  I was billed less than 50% of the time.

Whether this was due to unreliability of cameras or the reliability of axel grinders I don't know.

I would posit that suggesting that not getting a PCN is equivalent to legitimate expectation, would be treated with with uninterest at appeal

I drove at 125 a few weeks ago, perfectly legally. Nobody died.


That's an anecdote. Not an argument, or evidence.

Plenty of drunk drivers have driven home, when nobody died.   

My journey was seconds shorter.

So no real benefit then.

Arguments against raising the speed limit on motorways donít hold much water.

That's just an assertion.

It's for the proposer of changes to argue the benefits, if any.       

Personally I think 70 mph is plenty fast enough - given that enforcement is 79mph. And in reality you can cruise at 85 or so if you are mindful of cameras.

UK is a relatively small country, so most journeys are < 50 miles. So the savings in time are inconsequential.

For drivers who do longer distances regularly -  I would posit that allowing higher speeds for long journeys will inevitably lead to more accidents due to tiredness, or moments of inattentiveness, as less time to react. The consequences of a crash at 100mph v 70mph are vast.

I have no figures to back this up. But I would wager that the number of deaths from crashes etc to "victims of car crashes", in which I include any non-fault drivers, increment at a higher rate than the speed of accidents.  [ e.g. More that twice as many people die from accidents at 60mph than same number of accidents at 30mph].   Also any accidents at 100mph would inevitably lead to motorways being closed for longer after any accidents due  to damage to infrastructure, and preservation of scene of crime in case of fatalities.     

Additionally ICE Engines are not as efficient at 100mph. So it is more expensive to drive faster.   The driver may be happy to offset the cost against convenience, but it is only a zero sum game for the driver.   For everyone else there is more pollution, more noise and more risk.   



Firstly you posted in wrong forum.   Someone will change it.

Anyway, it won't help this time, but get your son to set up an account so that he's billed when he passes a camera.
a) Can't forget, so no risk of penalty.
b) I found that the camera doesn't always pick up the car when I know I was in ULEZ zone. So can get some 'free' days.

Hopefully someone else can help you with PCN.  But you need to attach a redacted copy.

The Flame Pit / Re: ULEZ Scrappage - anyone done it?
« on: October 23, 2023, 01:13:51 pm »
Follow up in case anyone interested

I got £300 cash from scrappy - plus £2k from TFL. So very happy to get £2300 for a £1500 car.

Scrappy was unbothered by steps introduced to discourage money laundering / car theft.

They are supposed to check my details - photo ID, proof of address - and pay into a bank for an audit trail.

They paid cash - and didn't ask for any details apart from v5. Even though V5 was in my sister's name!  (I had a authorisation letter prepared and her details with me too)
As they seemed a bit loose with the rules, I made them sign and stamp a note confirming they were authorised DVLA scrappy to cover my back.

Greenwich parking are short staffed and don't defend cases which go to the tribunal.  They simply don't send in the paperwork, and the appeals are allowed*.

So it's worth a punt even with the flimsiest of cases [CP's argument is not flimsy].  Clearly Double or quits - but good odds!

* Since August 2023, 200 or so appeals have gone undefended. 

Only 2 have been refused.  I wonder if adjudicators were bored here and acted on the appellant's notes alone!

The Flame Pit / Re: ULEZ Scrappage - anyone done it?
« on: October 06, 2023, 06:41:06 pm »
Thanks for replies; and reassurance.

Sorry for duplication on Pepipoo.   It wouldn't update there for some reason,  so I thought I'd bite the bullet and finally join this site.

The Flame Pit / ULEZ Scrappage - anyone done it?
« on: October 06, 2023, 06:11:52 pm »
I have an old diesel which has been approved for scrappage. 2010, Ford Mondeo Estate.
I would say the car is worth £1500 as a runner - there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.  Apart from the emissions!  But here we are.

Let's say it's worth £500 scrap, for illustration.  The grant is £2,000.

What's the process? 

Will the dealers give me zero,  and TFL give me  grant for £2,000?
Will the dealers give me £500, and TFL give me  grant for £1,500, to make it up to £2000?
Will the dealers give me £500, and TFL still give me whole grant for £2,000?    So I'll end up with £2,500?

I've seen some scapper's adverts, offering cash on top of the grant. About £250.

Clearly that would be a bonus, but I don't know if that's legit or not.   

Want to know where I stand, and how it works, before talking to scrappers.

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