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There is - I believe - no requirement for either.

MoT is offered by email if requested by an online service.

VED is typically sent by post to an obvious address. However it's a courtesy. If a direct debit (annually or monthly) is set up then reminders are sent by email to the email address specified. However if the direct debit is a one off annual debit they will still be sent to the V5 address.

They don't strictly claim that 83% of POPLA appeals fail. They claim that 83% of POPLA appeals involving CEL fail.

The figures in the report do, however, state 83% of appeals received or 25% of those decided. It appears about 35% get withdrawn.

Also don't miss the appeal deadlines which are creeping up on you.

Civil penalty charge notices (Councils, TFL and so on) / Re: Road tax
« on: January 02, 2024, 06:21:55 pm »
You might want to post up a copy of what you have.

If it is actually a fine (and it could well be since this is one thing Advantis do for the DVLA) then you have been prosecuted in the magistrates court.

There is a sticky about how to get a prosecution you were unaware of set aside.

However the reason you didn't get a reminder - for which there is precisely no obligation - or any of the documents before prosecution is, bluntly, of your own making.

Having got the prosecution set aside you can attempt to convince the DVLA to offer an out of court settlement (far cheaper but very unlikely).

The almost certain result is that they will simply prosecute you again, almost certainly resulting in the same fine, back tax, costs and victim surcharge.

However it should at least mean enforcement costs are saved which may be worthwhile.

Speeding and other criminal offences / Re: HMCTS response
« on: January 02, 2024, 11:14:17 am »
You got a NIP.

You had a phone call with them.

In this phone call you believe you accepted a 3 point penalty ?

If that is correct I think you may have misinterpreted what was said.

You don't mention receiving a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty (which would have been sent to your address as on the NIP, though I understand stand you did make some sort of effort to tell you had moved).

Speeding and other criminal offences / Re: HMCTS response
« on: December 31, 2023, 02:15:04 pm »'t-aware-of/

The above may help you with the process. However from your account it seems you were aware of proceedings so would not be appropriate.

They are not "letters". They are titled documents. What and when. Also the underflying offence. Speed and limit.

You say "accepted 3 points". How?

At a rough guess this was a "letter" and said "Conditional offer of fixed penalty".

It would have also told you exactly what you needed to do to accept it. Usually:-

a) Return it accepting it.
b) Make payment of the fixed penalty
c) Notify them in the manner they request of your licence details

You don't mention b) or c).

What was the final "letter" received just before you flew out the country?

They have dealt with the case in your absence. Just as they would for any other no show.

Approximately 2 months in my experience. But that's an automated one for an untaxed vehicle. I had 2 letters and it hadn't progressed to OCS offer (I have to do a paper application and they take forever).

The DVLA do (or at least used to) have a fleet of ANPR vehicles. They did not issue fines, they flagged for enforcement. The first stage was a warning letter anyway.

In the exceedingly unlikely event anything happens come back.

In any case the vehicle was taxed by you that day.

Private parking tickets / Re: UKPC
« on: December 29, 2023, 10:17:55 am »
I think I can just about make out a badge pretty much directly below your air freshener.

Its visibility is poor due to the resolution of the screenshot and what looks like condensation. (This shouldn't have hampered the person photographing much).

Is it any clearer on the actual photo if you download it?


Private parking tickets / Re: UKPC
« on: December 28, 2023, 06:43:41 pm »
My question is that why did the CEO not take a close up of the dashboard if he believed that the car did not display the blue badge.
Why take it from a distance.

Maybe because he took a photo showing the entire windscreen area.

You have chosen, possibly through minor difficulty, not to download and publish it.

It certainly doesn't seem to show an obvious badge. You have also chosen not to mention quite where you displayed it and whether a clock was displayed or not.

Private parking tickets / Re: UKPC
« on: December 28, 2023, 01:08:00 am »
The conditions on the sign should describe the requirements for how the badge should be displayed.

It may make mention of the clock. Was a clock displayed ?

I can't see a badge on the photo of the dashboard, but it is a bit hard to tell with the reflection and what appears to be things on the passenger seat. There may be something near the steering wheel.

Downloading the photos and uploading them somewhere may help. Most browsers will have a nechanism to allow to save the photos. The screenshot ends up as poor resolution.

There may be many other things wrong.

They appear to have passed it onto debt collectors before the 35 days they give themselves to respond is up.

I doubt it makes any difference though it does suggest the 70 they appear to have added is premature.

Make sure it disappears in some way from ECPs system, just in case something goes wrong.

You do, of course, have the option of pleading not guilty as well, whether that may be wise depends on what the footage shows. It will cost more in costs if convicted.

The foreshortening on a dash cam can make things look worse.

A short period when store closed is fairly common, on both individual stores and retail parks. It seems more common in more residential areas.

They are generally trying to prevent nuisance. A common issue being youth congregation.

There is a risk that the lease company will simply pay it and bill you (along with an admin fee).

It may be a good idea to check what your lease says.

There is a specific process to transfer liability to you which they can undertake. Errors are often made which give rise to other appeal points. An associated admin fee will generally apply, sometime recoverable from the lease company on success.

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