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Private parking tickets / Re: National Parking Control - NTK
« on: April 11, 2024, 03:25:48 pm »
Of course there would. Signage, landowner contract.

Do you mean the signage posted is not clear?

Private parking tickets / Re: National Parking Control - NTK
« on: April 08, 2024, 08:50:44 pm »
Would there be any grounds for appeal based on the signage and information disclosed?

Private parking tickets / Re: National Parking Control - NTK
« on: April 05, 2024, 08:56:49 pm »
Where is the evidence that they affixed an NtD to the windscreen? If there is no evidence of an NtD and you do not have it, then they are on thin ground for trying to hold the keeper liable for the charge.

Normally, if they are photographing the car, it should be done with the NtD in view. Have you checked their website to see if there are other photos?

Hi i checked the site and there is one picture showing the NTD on the windscreen

This is the image of the sign

Private parking tickets / National Parking Control - NTK
« on: April 02, 2024, 08:40:51 am »

The following was received at the Keeper address, is there a time limit to when it should be received from date of alledged incident?

Is the keeper required to inform of the driver?

@jeezy I've checked and they've not opened the link, and I have got a timestamped screenshot to prove it.

The key issue is whether they open it at the formal representations stage, to get to that you need to wait for the notice to owner.

Thank you for the reply, to confirm do you mean need to wait for the NTK but even at the formal rep stage if they open it, then we are essentially back to sqaure 1?

I have now received the following response from the council rejecting the claim

I have now made my submission pleading not guilty.

I have received confirmation of the submission with a date to amend anything up until 05-12

Thank you for everyone who has assisted with this

Thank you both for your comments.

So if I were to put nothing down and plead not guilty to both I am assuming this will be acted upon in court where the police will put forward their evidence (speed + photographic evidence).

How would a plea work if I were to accept guilty plea for the offence but not the FTP? Is it favourable to put this forward now vs waiting until court hearing?

I hope that makes sense

You don't have much scope unless you intend to defend the "Fail to Provide Driver's Details" (FtP) charge. As above, it is hard to see that you have a defence to that, especially when you haven't told us why the DVLA has an address where you do not live and why, with that in mind, you did not receive the notice, but you did receive the SJPN.

You can offer to plead guilty to speeding (provided you are sure  you were driving) on the condition that the FtP charge is dropped (as explained earlier). You can make this offer when returning your SJPN. Plead not guilty to both charges and make your offer in the "reasons for pleading not guilty" section. Your case will almost certainly not be handled under the SJ procedure but instead will be transferred to the normal Magistrates Court and listed for a hearing which you will have to attend.

Apologies for not making it clear, a combination of not visiting that address and thus receiving the initial notice is why i have not received it prior to the SJP.

When you state to plead not guilty for both charges what would I then put for the reasons IF i want to put myself down as the said driver when the offence was noted?

Thank you for the responses, please see a more accurate timeline of events for which I need to fill in a response in the next 7 days.

-Following a speeding offence recorded exceeding 30mph, as registered keeper a NIP was received sent to vehicle registered address (where I do not reside)

-Subsequent reminder notice was also sent before an SJP was received 07-11.

-Along with the SJP, photograhic evidence of the vehicle along with Witness Statement from TVP was received (see below)

-I now have a plea form to fill and return to plead guilty/not guilty to 2 offences along with mitigation and defence section to fill in (for not guilty plea)

I do believe it is likely i was driving and thus would appreciate a suitable response in line with a plea deal being put forward

As above, what is the address on the V5C vs where you live? If they're different, why?

It is my mothers address.

So for purposes of the form should respond guilty on both charges, they won't accept any reasoning for non guilty plea?

I have received SJP for the 2 stated charges and I wanted to confirm if it was received at an address where I do not reside would be valid grounds to put forward a not guilty please if i plead guilty to the actual offence?

Thank you

Should I put forward an appeal based on the distance from the location of the sign?

Please don't bloat-quote as it makes the thread unnecessarily long.

I think the distance from your car to the sign is the strongest point but I just need to clear up one thing: you parked, got out, didn't see any signs, why would you believe it's a 2 hour zone?

That is correct, if you look at it  from google maps, i got out and walked to the main road behind the car thus not seeing any signs.

I thought it was a 2 hour zone as the adjacent road has that option on the left (newport road)

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