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@Aubama at present all TFL PCNs can be beaten, but firstly please re-post the PCN redacting only your postal address.

Also please call TFL on 0343 222 3333 and ask for the video, they will send you a DVD in the post and put the penalty on hold while you wait.

In the meantime the Lewisham red route traffic orders are here.

Thanks, I'll call them first thing in the morning.  I have also reuploaded the PCN as requested

Thank you

Hi all,

I have received a rejection letter from Greenwich council, please can I get some advice on the next steps to appeal.


Hi there, we recently got a PCN from TFL for an alleged contravention, code 46.

My missus took a family member to the shop, the family member quickly got out whilst the car was in traffic on the main road.  Missus entered Ringsted road here:

She continued to drive down Ringsted road until she found space to run around and return home, she briefly pulled over here (no more than 2 minutes) without leaving or switching off the car

picture upload site

The redacted PCN is below

post image

Any help in challenging this would be greatly appreciated


That's not the test, unfortunately, it's entering so you have to stop within the box due to stationary vehicles.

You may be able to argue the other car was obliged to give way and you had the right to assume the exit would be clear and he nipped in when it was too late to safely stop before the junction.

You can also argue the location stated on the PCN isn't specific enough as there's more than one box junction along Plumstead Common Road.

Here is a case for your reference that supports MrChips' advice:

Case ref 2230020427

Appellant Tyrrell Jean

Authority LB of Barking and Dagenham

Date & time 18 Dec 2022 09:27:00

Location North Street

Decision Date 20 Feb 2023

Adjudicator John Lane

Decision Appeal allowed

The issue of this appeal is whether the said vehicle entered and stopped within the box junction there owing to the presence of another stationary vehicle. It is a contravention if a person causes their vehicle to enter a box junction so that the vehicle has to stop within the box junction due to the presence of stationary vehicles.

To stop means to come to a stand as in the course of a journey, to halt or to cease moving.

The contravention does not apply to any person

a) who causes a vehicle to enter the box junction (other than a box junction at a roundabout) for the purpose of turning right: and

b) stops it within the box junction for so long as it is prevented from completing the right turn by oncoming vehicles or other vehicles which are stationary whilst waiting to complete a right turn.

The appellant has stated the vehicle to his left came out of the side road and effectively cut up his vehicle.

I have considered fully the representations of both parties and I have examined carefully the video evidence provided by the local authority and have considered the local authority’s representations.

I agree with the appellant’s version of events, however. I find that the appellant’s vehicle would have cleared the box junction had it not been cut up by the vehicle to the left. The fact that the vehicle to the left did not clear the box junction does not affect my judgment.

For others to help you faster on this forum, please share the PCN number and the number plate. Also possibly the Google Street View URL of the location of your PCN.
This suggestion is from my personal experience on the forum and is also in-line with the guidance

I assume I would use this case if the appeal is rejected?

Below is my appeal, will this suffice?

Looking at the evidence provided, specifically the video evidence it is clear to see that the vehicle would have cleared the box junction had it not been cut up by the vehicle to the left.  The vehicle to the left came out of the side road and effectively cut up the vehicle.

As the owner of this vehicle I expect this PCN to be cancelled on the above grounds.

Hi all, Ive recently gotten a PCN for an alleged contravention (31J) on Plumstead Common road.  I would like assistance on appealing this contravention please.  Below is the pcn as well as their evidence, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Looking at the video if the stationary car, and the car which pulled out from the side road didnt have so much of a distance then all 3 cars would have fit

Ive also received this letter

upload img

You asked for advice on appealing. You can’t appeal because the appeal deadline had expired before you asked about it.

But no worry because an appeal would have been rejected anyway both by the parking company and the fake so-called “Independent Appeals Service”.

“Appeal” is not the best way to deal with this particular bunch of incompetent scammers.

They can’t enforce their parking charge except by suing you in the county court and winning the case which they can’t do provided you defend yourself properly.

I suggest you visit the Newbies thread over at

and follow the step by step guidance to victory

Ok thank you, I'll take a look into this

Fails PoFA 9(e)(ii) as the NtK doesn’t invite the keeper to “pass the notice on to the driver”.

POPLA would uphold an appeal on that alone. However, you are dealing with an IPC member and it would be a day to go out and purchase a lottery ticket if the IAS uoheld an appeal on that or anything else for that matter.

Sorry, what exactly does this mean?

Read this thread: READ THIS FIRST - Private Parking Charges Forum guide, and provide us as much of the information requested as you are able to.

In particular we need more info on the site in question. For example:
  • Is it the gym's car park
  • If so, what are the procedures for acquiring a permit? Why didn't you have one?
  • Can you show us pictures of the signage at the site?

Apologies for lack of info.  It is not the gyms car park, but the gym does issue a physical permit for parking which on this occasion I did not leave in the dashboard.

I'll go there today to take pictures of the signage

Thank you

Hi there, Please can I get advise on appealing this pcn..I had parked to use the gym facility and got this charge.  The gym have said that they cant help with the issue.

web img

Thanks for your response, yes thats exactly what I meant.  Also the hospital appointment was running behind schedule.

The orginal payment is here:

Our daughter was in hospital at the Otherpedic & Trauma department for a scheduled appointment at 3pm.

PCN No: LJ29746566


@Aubama give us the PCN number and the number plate please.

Thanks for your help, should I post this info here or pm?

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