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Quote from: gizmobob123 link=topic=1992.msg24641#msg24641 date=1717238715/

It must have changed since you were last there.

If you look at the pictures I took of the signage you can see Dreams and KFC in the background.

The driver has assured me that they didnít cut any locks to get in there nor were they locked in afterwards.

Sorry, I missed the single line of print between the photos.

As the car left before 10 the car park may have been locked shortly after? It certainly used to be but perhaps the 9pm 10minute curfew has removed the need to do so?

Do KFC and McD car parks have restricted parking? i wouldn't know never having used either.

Where were you parked? How did you get into the main car park from Burger King?

@baroudeur, I know what you mean but hopefully, 'where was your car did the driver get'...covers the issues.!!

Anyway, as regards the breach ..., do you know what retail outlets are served by the ECP-controlled car park [superseded by the OP's last point] and when do they close on Wednesdays?

I ask because the car park is for 'Customers Only' and if the shop(s) are closed then there should be no time permitted and 'customers only' and '10 minutes' are mutually exclusive and as the PCN doesn't state which applies then it does not clearly state 'the circumstances in which the requirement to pay them [the parking charges] arose'.

The Range and Dreams car park is locked shut at 10pm and afaik doesn't have a 10 minute restriction after 9. So, not sure which car park the op was in I asked "why were you parked and how did you get there". Entry to the main car park should be ONLY via the new road although entry via the exit at the BK roundabout is possible at that time of night

Edit:  There is no Wednesday closing so not sure why you raised it. BK and KFC have their own carks separate from the main and Range car parks.


I need to get my first appeal in, what should I base my appeal on? Is the signage adequate?


Where were you parked? How did you get into the main car park from Burger King?  You cannot enter the main car park from the "BK" roundabout but have to drive all the way up the "new" road to enter at the top end. (GSV is 2018 and new road entrance since then) Plenty of signs throughout the car park but I don't know how many refer to the 10 minute after 9 restriction.

The driver did and has a time stamped transaction.

However the Burger King where they went is not in that car park and has its own smaller car park across the road (which was full, hence them going into this one). So I doubt Burger King would have the ability to cancel a ticket?

That's my local retail park and I suspected that was the case.    The 10 minute limit after 9 is to restrict anti-social behaviour.  Unfortunately the fast food outlets' own car parks tend to fill so customers then use the main car parks without reading the T&Cs which leadsto your type of situation.

Ten minutes in both car parks after 9pm which the signs you posted  clearly show.

GSV is available all through the car park.

Were you buying fast food at one of the outlets?

Parking parallel to the garage doors would put the car off the footpath?


Was the upstairs flat unoccupied from October 2023 and is still unoccupied?

If so,how did you get access to get the letters in that flat?

GSV suggests that the vehicle was (only just) in Seymour Road?

Non-motoring legal advice / Re: County court help
« on: May 11, 2024, 02:24:00 pm »

Perhaps a search on the internet will help as "record of county court judgements" brings up a number of websites?

THIS may help

Is it true that motorways originally had no speed limit?
Yes, I'm told that coaches used to travel at 90 mph and it wasn't uncommon for cars to travel at 100 mph, that all came to an end when a temporary speed limit was introduced in winter owing to bad fog causing many crashes (as if anyone would do such speeds in heavy fog anyway). That "temporary" speed limit is still with us today.

I live one mile from the M1 and when it opened I used it every day for over ten years to commute to work for a major car and truck maker. Later, I commuted into central London on it.

In the early years  Midland Red coaches were often seen travelling at 80+ mph.  I drove company cars, including police demonstrators and executive models at up to 100 mph on many occasions and an occasional truck at 70+.  However, there was much less traffic on the M1 in the 60s and, generally, most vehicles travelled at 55-60 mpg as cars were much less powerful than later models.

H C Andersen is on a posting holiday.

In the meantime here's the outcome.

Just to clarify is it a holiday or "involuntary holiday"?


Initially, it could be assumed that the goods vehicle restriction applies to permit holders with such vehicles.  The lack of any further signs for the restriction tends to weaken that argument.

There are a few panel vans plated at 5t which may be the intended target cut-off for residential Environmental weight restrictions.

The Flame Pit / Re: International similar/affiliated orgs?
« on: March 21, 2024, 12:53:09 pm »
Hi does anyone know of any similar forum or group that gives traffic legal advice/help in Europe? Specifically around Germany/Austria/Italy/Switzerland/Southern France? Thanks so much

For France this one

There has not been a sign at that spot when I've been there. Certainly not at this time.

I visited Belper Road clinic yesterday.  It appears that the no waiting sign has now been moved 15 metres along and it's mounted about three metres high, above the alarm box, on the street lighting column next to the large white garage doors.


as of this time there is no sign at the start of the road or at the end of DYL.


Weird.   I am a regular user of the clinic on the left. I parked there last week and didn't realise the sign was missing.

If that's the case LBC will struggle against appeals quoting no appropriate signage.

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