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Ive just received this, does it mean its cancelled?  ;)

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administrator? Really??

I know the red route camera case has been heard bt no decision has been made ....



Tribunal info received with date as attached.

Any tips /advice?  I've never had to do this before!

Thank you all.

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I sent exactly as advised in this thread by email and received a receipt.

Cant see where you can reply to this letter ... ?

I was going to come on here and say thank you all for all the help bt the plot thickens .....

Just got a letter with increased charge saying theyve not heard from me but i did send it a few days ahead of the deadline.  I cant seem to find where you email them or call now, they only want you to pay!

Attaching pics I hope work, if not I can BCC code it :

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oh, ive never had to do this before. really?

thank you for all of this .....

why the email communication?

is it ok to pick a postal hearing?

shall I just state the case against tfl you quoted above or write more as in my first objection?

will scan tmrw and send.

apologies for delay, mother in hospital ....

thanks again!

there's no modify or other options on any of my posts .... im not that bothered if its there tbh. it does have it at the bottom of this 1 tho!

i noticed the vietnamese thing added when i posted the link, nothing to do with me, odd ...

This is the rejection appeal form that was all that was enclosed with the letter above.

Im not quite sure how to delete a post on here - thank you for all of this!

upload photos

my reply was more or less this but i put it more in my own words :

Dear Transport for London,

I challenge liability on the basis of a procedural impropriety, specifically it is unlawful for you to serve a postal PCN in these circumstances. I refer you to the red route panel decision in Commercial Plant Services Ltd & others v Transport for London (2230060716, 25 May 2023) published at

It follows that the PCN must be cancelled.

Yours faithfully,

I noticed someone quoted that TFL need traffic to be kept moving bt where I parked is a parking bay and will never be a lane for driving along ....
I always park there, thought you could at any time on weekends, didnt realise it includes saturdays!

hopefully these have worked!?

is pepipoo really disappearing in a few months??

Hi John,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Did the images not upload above as I followed your instructions on imgbb?


PCN is on the link above, I replied the advice that was given thats on there too.

Anything else pls let me know!

I hope its ok to post this way, here is the link to my previous post, cant log in there anymore (no idea why)

Attached is what ive recently received so need further help from you wonderful ppl pls :-)


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