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So, I just had the expected conditional offer of 100 fine plus 3 points.

I still have no recollection of going too fast, but it is possible, I guess.

Is it worth fighting?

Today I received this - apparently for doing 26 in a 20 zone. ::)

I honestly have no recollection of going too fast - and cannot remember any speed camera flashing me.

The more I think about it, the more baffled I am - I mean, it might be true, but I'm sat here scratching my head. I live by that stretch of road and I'm usually the one plodding along while other cars whizz past me. I've been like that since the last time I was caught out - I just don't take risks nowadays. :-\

I have uploaded a redacted copy of the NIP, the provided Camera calibration data and the main photo...

I have not yet done anything with this - need advice first - but I did a speed awareness course at the start of 2022 (also a 20 zone), so don't think that'll be an option this time.

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Just checking, but do they have a time limit within which to respond?

It's been a month since I sent off the appeal and it's still marked as 'on hold'.

What's the date of your positive covid test?

Saturday 23rd -- 2 days before the suspension started.

So seemingly, they put the sign up before I parked -- meaning it was dark and I mistakenly expected the previous (removed) sign that only covered a single bay.

However, I did park there before the suspension started (i.e. I parked Friday 22nd), but did not expect to be stuck indoors with Covid as I only tested positive the following day.

So, the contractors (who have been working since before any suspension) are still there, requested two to three bays - but four were given and only one is actually being used for their equipment.

I guess I need to rely on the goodwill of them knowing I had covid.

Oh, it's in my NHS App, email and SMS -- I can send screenshots of any of those.

This perhaps?

To whom it may concern,

I wish to challenge the PCN TTxxxxxxxxxx on the following grounds:

On Friday 22nd Sept, I returned home feeling unwell and left my car in an authorised permit bay outside my home. The next morning I took an NHS covid test, which was positive - this can be proven by my medical records.

I stayed home for the next few days; I did not use my car in this time.

At the time I parked, there were no signs indicating this new suspension -- therefore I was alarmed to I discover the PCN.

There was, however, a previous single-bay suspension in place a few days earlier at a different spot -- at some point the restriction sign was removed and replaced with one that extended to four bays; I believe this was after I parked.

Therefore, I ask that you please cancel the ticket at your earliest opportunity.

Yours faithfully

While I was in bed with Covid...  ::)

Last week, on Friday 22nd Sept night time, I left my car in an authorised permit bay outside my home (i.e. I have a permit).

I felt unwell, did a covid test the next morning, and found it to be positive -- I stayed home, my car remained in the same spot. (it was an NHS test, now in my records and fully provable).

A few days later I discovered I was given a ticket, due to the bay being suspended!

There was a single-bay suspension in place already -- I was fully aware of, and avoided, this -- but at some point the restriction sign was swapped and extended to four bays!

I cannot prove when it was changed, but believe this was done after I parked.

Trying not to be paranoid, but the ticket issuing officer was the same one who ticketed me a few weeks ago (and subsequently got me towed)!  ::)


Would you like me to represent you at the tribunal?

As with all towing cases you've paid all there is to pay, so as long as there's an arguable point to be pursued, there's no risk in carrying on.

Yes please - what do you need from me to proceed? 


As expected, my challenge was rejected -- here is the paperwork:

Ironically, the council have since painted a new parking bay in exactly the same spot they towed me from.  ::)

hi, I'm facing a similar issue here, so watching this thread to see how you get on.

It feels like Tower Hamlets have gone on an all out offensive to tow everyone they can lately!  ::)

You can use this draft:

Thank you -- however, I was given three printed pages of appeal information stapled to the ticket (as uploaded above). Is this not what they are supposed to do?

Hello all.

I live in a permit controlled street -- I have a permit, but parked on a yellow line when it wasn't controlled -- my plan was to go to the gym, but plans changed and I forgot I needed to move the car later.  :-\

Next day I discovered my car has been towed away and impounded, thus relieving me of 265 -- the ticket was for 12.38PM and the car was towed about three hours later.

After I paid, the ticket was stapled to the receipts with the photocopy information about appealing (below). The yellow bag was still on my windscreen (with a notice saying it's illegal for anyone except the driver to remove the notice).

Also, I'm not sure if it'll help me at all, and I don't usually share this stuff, but (among other things) I have Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD, and therefore am classed as vulnerable, but I do not have a blue badge or anything like that.

Payment receipts:

Actual PCN:

Appeal Info:

Thanks in advance :)

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