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Is the S172 request the 'next stage' as it were? I've sent the initial letters back via email (was told this was ok when I telephoned - photographs of both sides) and they were sent together in the same email. Perhaps I should put them in the post too?

So not worth going to court for, but perhaps no harm in writing a letter when I get my further letters from them telling me of the fine/points etc would you think?

There isn't a problem with the signage, no. And agreed that the wide dual carriageway and downhill issue isn't relevant.

I suppose I'm still hopeful that there's a case for my not being made aware of the offence soon enough to learn from it, and thus committing exactly the same offence the following day. I suppose my perhaps naive hope is that if could in some way argue that if the point of being fined and given points is to teach the driver to behave better as opposed to punish them, then the delay in letting the driver know they've committed an offence and then receiving another NIP in the window between unwittingly committing the offence and being informed you've done, is unfair.

I received two NIPs today, each for a speeding offence, each from the same camera but one day apart. For clarity it's a speed trap on the way into Brighton on the A270 where the speed drops from 40 to 30 going downhill on a wide dual carriageway. On Saturday I was photographed doing 41mph, on Sunday 38mph.

My thoughts are that the point of a NIP is to educate the driver - to inform them that this is an area where one is likely to exceed the speed limit and to deter them from doing so in the future. Indeed I will be more careful on that road next time. But it seems that the delay between being unknowingly photographed and being informed you've committed an offence, in this instance 5 days, is unfair. Were I made aware immediately that I'd committed an offence I certainly wouldn't have done the same thing the next day.

Does anyone think I have a case?

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