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I thought some technical issues were going to be included?


Dear London Borough of Haringey,

I bring a collateral challenge against this PCN, on the ground that it does not comply with the mandatory requirement of section 4(8)(a)(v) of, and paragraph 5(2)(a) of Schedule 1 to the London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2003.

It follows that the penalty charge notice is invalid and must be cancelled.

Yours faithfully,


This case was won as they adduced no evidence.  2230567864  Costs application to follow.

The PCN is unenforceable as per other threads.  They cannot serve a charge certificate 28 days from the date of notice. Back later.

Well, some perhaps novel points to be raised re the wording. "Acts as a Notice to Owner".

It all depends on each case, the road(s) on which you travelled and what evidence they put in.  Can't say anymore at present.

PM sent.

Case Details
Case reference   2230092428
Appellant   Husain Bulman & Co
Authority   Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames
PCN Details
PCN   QT07036954
Contravention date   28 Nov 2022
Contravention time   12:23:00
Contravention location   KINGSTON ROAD
Penalty amount   GBP 130.00
Contravention   Entering and stopping in a box junction
Referral date   
Decision Date   07 Mar 2023
Adjudicator   Andrew Harman
Appeal decision   Appeal allowed
Direction   cancel the Penalty Charge Notice.
This box junction is not marked in accordance with the legal requirements as set out in The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016
It is not marked at the junction of these two roads but well in advance and beyond that junction.
The penalty charge is not therefore enforceable.
The appeal is allowed.

We need to see EXACTLY the play you wrote so we can compare with their NOR.

You cannot now submit further stuff.

Ours is not to  reason why.  But probably:  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

What did you write?  You have until 7th March to pay the discount.

Case number?
All their paperwork now fixed.

Actually, not quite.  They still refer to service date in the first sentence under Enforcement Notice.

I think there is enough in the NOR to go to the Tribunal.  Also a fettering of discretion:  "unable to cancel".

The location does not exist.  I am happy to represent you if you want to take it to adjudication.

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