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Thank you again, l find it funny that you could see the evidents but l couldn't but nothing surprizes me anymore in newham. l think the bottom line for anyone who lives and works in their local area is to know where all the schools are and then drive atleast two roads around them. In the video that is a school on the left, newham has been rolling out these timed zones around schools for the last few years and they certainly are raking in the money. A few years back newham was notes for having more camara's than liverpool and manchester combined but also newham was banned from using the DVLA's wee link for 'fishing' for a year.
Thank for your help again.

The registration is RJ17DJO. l've read the London tribunals website and think l have the gist of it. l've spoken to a solicitor and l'm in the process of trying to get the statutory declaration form.
Thank you for your help.

l received a Charge Certificate but l had not received the PCN before hand in the post.l went on newham's website to review the evidents but you can not see it only pay. l would like to challenge the Charge certificate. l would like to know how to this is done.
l would like to know what would happen if l challenge the but lose the appeal.
l have tried to attach a picture of the charge certificate but l can't get it to work.

Thank you

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