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For anyone curious the appeal was rejected:

Thank you for contacting us in relation to the above Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and including some photos
We have carefully considered your challenge but we have decided not to cancel your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). Our decision is based on Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 and other relevant legislation.
You were issued a PCN for stopping on a red route. These are marked by a sign saying 'Red route' and showing the times when you are not allowed to stop. On a red route you are not allowed to stop at all. The purpose of this rule is to improve traffic flow and safety at busy times.
You mentioned the signs or road marking were inadequate. Under statutory guidance on Civil Parking Enforcement, our traffic signs and road markings follow the legal requirements and match their respective traffic orders. The place where you were parked has been visited and the signs and road markings there were correct.
Please be advised there are red route entry signs into the area and also a sign that faces oncoming traffic located at the beginning of the bay that advises of the parking restrictions in place.
We note your comments. However, on the red route, there is a sign which states No stopping from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, (19:00) pm, your PCN was issued at 18:47pm. Additionally one street can have more than one contravention applicable so you need to check the sign plates in future.
You can view photographic evidence of your case online at

This forum was as helpful as a chocolate teapot, I remember pepipoo was fantastic, I guess all good things must come to an end. It's fine though, no biggie, we live and learn

The signs in GSV are incoherent and IMO unenforceable.

There cannot be non-red route traffic signs on a red route. You complied with the non-red route signs. The arrangement is chaotic on GSV.

Where are the photos of your car in 'contravention'? We must see these.

Thanks for your response, just uploaded the PCN evidence here:

What do you think? pls and thx

it's very strange because I don't look to be in the loading only area?

So GSV shows the sequence of signs and road markings from and including Chocoberry as:

Double red lines;
Part-time red route loading bay and markings:
In which sits a non-red route parking traffic sign indicating payment required and a payment machine located to the right;
Followed by a red route parking bay and non-red route traffic sign, the latter sitting on the same post as the red route sign and indicating a non-existent payment machine to its left;
Followed by the obviously peripatetic payment machine;

And a further red route bay.

I think we need clear and up to date photos.

Hi H C,

Thanks for your response. I'm sorry but just to clarify did you want me to go back and take pictures? That's not really feasible for me.

So from what we do know, I was parked in the red route, however the signage was not visible where I parked, is there something I can appeal this PCN on? Considering I parked right next to the pay and display sign, and there was no other visible signs showing that I couldn't park there.


After checking on Google Maps street view, I can see this a bit further down, which would explain the PCN, very very confusing, I did not even see these signs when I parked. What do you guys think?


Hi everyone,

I always park in this location and have never received a PCN before, this is the location:
Heavenly Desserts, Leicester, London Road
what3words: exit.dice.penny

I made sure to read the sign very clearly, which says if you park between the following times you need to pay:

Mon - Sat
9.30 am - 4 pm
3 hours
No return

I did not pay for pay and display as I parked outside these times, surely this is not a valid PCN? Or am I missing something here? Please advise how I should proceed. Please and thanks

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