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An IN10 will typically circa double premiums in the first year reducing to about a 20% increase in the fifth, so to answer your question, yes.

My other question is how would the insurer know about my in10 if itís not visible on licence after 3 years? They usually use automatic checks such as Mylicence

You are indeed confused as it stays on your licence for four years from date of offence but only counts for totting up for three years which is also from the date of the offence.
You have to declare it to insurers for five years.
It staying on your licence for an extra year after it counts for totting up is largely academic as it has no meaningful effect and of course isnít actually written on your licence anymore anyway.

Understood so visibly 4 years on license (but counts for totting up for 3 years). does the final year impact premiums or anything? also given i have to declare for 5 years! does this still impact my premiums for a further 2 years after the 3 years?

Hey guys and girls

A lot of conflicting information online. My offence date was 12/09/2023.

I have plead guilty but will be going court to the hearing in order to stop my totting up  Ban. Does the IN10 stay on licence 3 years from offence or 3 years from conviction (because itís already been over a year lost while waiting for my SJPN). Also after 3 years of declaring does this impact my insurance cost. Also in case of a ban is this always stay on my record ?

Any rough timelines on court wait times - Bromley court , and I responded to the sjpn last week

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