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To help us help you, please read the following thread and provide as much of the information it asks for that you are able to provide: READ THIS FIRST - Private Parking Charges Forum guide

LOCATION: Uxbridge,London - Euro car parks PCN (attached to car)

Commentary: Upon entering the car park, i found a parent and child space, parked up, and while walking inside the parking attendant immediately physically ran to my car and starting taking photos, i turned around and explained i had 2 kids inside with my daughter. He refused to listen and tried to argue. I left and returned within 5 mins. He left the ticket immediately 17:10 observation time and 17:10 ticket time. So far i have not appealed.

I have photos of me and the ticket guy him standing next to my car 2 mins before he left the ticket so clearly i was around. i also have proof of what was purchased in store.

Next steps?

Hi All,

i recently was picking up my niece (1 years old) and nephew (2 years old) - from the Sainsburys my daughter was in the Sainsburys purchasing child related products (have receipt) i was standing next to my car smoking a vape , and to my disbelief the car park attendant is standing next to my car taking pictures - i tell him hey my niece and nephew are in the shop - he attempts to begin an argument, i then take a photo of him standing next to my car i go into the shop and come out with nephew and beggars belief this numpty stuck a PCN on my car.

Observation time : 17:10 - issue time 17:10 so clearly he didnt even give me a minute and issued it straight away, looking online for supporting documents they have zero photos yet a 85 outstanding charge.

Do i just appeal ? how the hell do i prove i had my niece and nephew in the store (apart from the children product sainsburys receipt)- how can i report this car park attendant he cannot go around ticketing people the same second you observe them.

In 50 years of my existence I've never heard someone get a ticket for this?, Note that i have photos of the parking attendant standing next to my car at 17:08 2 minutes before the ticket was issued so i have proof i was there in the area.

Hi all,

In a bit of a situation - i was away on holiday when my daughter took my car with my consent i told her to make sure she is insured. She was caught speeding 69 in a 50 zone NIP in post. Indeed she stupidly decided to not insure the car and (myself and my wife are insured and she was doing a short trip).

1. She has a clean license for 5 years - if i nominate will they check the insurance given she lives in a different address to us (IN10 conviction is horrible to have i worry about this for her).

2. what is the ultimate fine/points - another forum i read said 6 points + court proceedings but not sure this is correct.

Many thanks all thanks for assistance.

surrey police (A3)

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