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I thank everyone for their replies. At this point I have decided to just pay the fine and get it done with. I went through everyone’s reply and have concluded that there was a step I may have missed; although, I never received any follow up communication following the first conditional fine. Dealing with legal matters being so far away is a headache and in my opinion worth the fine. Next time I will just go 5 under the speed limit at all times. Be back to England soon.

The requirement (that we can confidently assume that you and many, many others failed to comply with) is, in law at least, to provide your name, date of birth and driving licence number, to the relevant person (fixed penalty clerk) (s. 75(8A) Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988).

There has been no requirement to send your physical licence off to accept a COFP for some time now, so the fact that you were in the US and therefore somehow unable to send it off (presumably the US does not have a postal service?) is irrelevant as that was not a [legal] requirement.

Assuming that you failed to separately provide the required information (or any requirements that the police might decided to unlawfully seek to impose), but that in order to make payment of the fixed penalty to the relevant person (fixed penalty clerk) you provided your name and UK licence number (UK licence number incorporates date of birth), I would argue that you had complied with the legal requirements and that the subsequent proceedings were unlawful.

If the above applies, I would suggest that that would be your route of challenge. If you had not substantively provided your date of birth, then it would appear that you had not complied with the requirements.

There is provision in the Magistrates' Sentencing Guidelines for imposing a penalty equivalent to the fixed penalty in circumstances where a fixed penalty could not be taken up for reasons unconnected with the offence. When raised in the mitigation section, this appears to be regularly ignored by the SJPN process, or alternatively, according to our resident gobshite, if you hadn't made a "poor" submission you would have gotten a lighter sentence.

When I paid the original fine I did provide my US license number, my DOB, name, and address. I believed I complied with all the steps at the time. In fact, I never received any subsequent information regarding disclosing my license number in post nor in email. With that being stated, I will call the number provided on the letter to see if this may at minimum be a lighter penalty.

How long would a theoretical arrest warrant be valid for? Indefinitely or does it get expunged after some time.


Would it be possible to contest this? Considering I was in the USA and unable to provide my license at the time. Either way, I will have to pay. £408 is a small price to pay to ensure I may visit again in the future.

How long would a theoretical arrest warrant be valid for? Indefinitely or does it get expunged after some time.

Like the title states, I received a fine for £100 by Merseyside police via speed camera. I paid the fine and thought that was the end of it. About a month ago this fine was refunded to me without explanation. Now I am receiving a new fine of 408£ according to a judge’s ruling. Ultimately, I know if I don’t act on it there is nothing that can be done to me as I don’t live in England. However, I love the country and do want to visit again. Before moving forward, I want to know what are the consequences of not paying? What happened with the first refunded fine?

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