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Just received this reply from the leasing company:

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your email.

No, we havenít received confirmation from Brent they have transferred liability of this fine.

Kind regards

Good morning - I finally received a response from the hire company sharing correspondence received from Brent:

Good Morning,

Thank you for your email.

Please see attached letter received from London Borough of Brent, I sent a letter of authorisation to Brent for you to be able to appeal this fine on the 28th June.

Kind regards

This is the letter attached to the email

I did not "contest the PCN" as the letter from Brent to the hire company suggests, this was my email to Brent in April chasing the PCN, which had not arrived at the time:

Dear team,

My leasing company contacted me stating that they had transferred liability of a PCN originally  issued to them. I have not yet received the reissued PCN. Could you let me know when I will receive it by post or alternatively please sent me a copy of the PCN by email.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,

Representation sent - thanks again for the support and fingers crossed.

Thanks for your advice - I'll contact them again and see what they respond. Hopefully I'll get an answer before 5th July.

Thank you cp8759. I received the following from the lease company:

Good morning,

Thank you for your email.

The letters to request a transfer of liability are sent automatically and in most circumstances no response is received to confirm this has taken place. Generally a response is only received in the instance that the transfer request has failed or was incomplete. We do not have control over how long an authority takes to reissue a fine unfortunately.

Should you have not received the reissued fine I would recommend contacting London Borough of Brent to discuss this further with them. If once received you ignore the fine and not pay it the company will receive an escalation notice and we will pay the fine and recharge the cost to you to avoid any further escalation or legal proceedings.

PCN number BT19040867

The photos from the Brent portal and the PCN itself are here: Photos

The streetview of the sign is here

The warning sign may be viewed here

Thank you in advance to cp8759 who has kindly agreed to assist

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