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There is a section on A40 West London called Terrick St and there are cameras just before a flyover when the speed limit changes from 40 to 30 on the triple carriageway.
There are 2 30 mph signs before the cameras, one in the middle of the road (next to the barriers), and the one on the pavement on the farthest left lane.
Late at night I was travelling on the far right lane, so I couldn't see the sign on the left that was NOT obscured but the one on the RIGHT was (also on the camera NIP evidence)
I was travelling at 37 as I am generally a very cautious driver further down the road.
Thinking of taking this to court. Never had any previous convictions or points and was offered the speed awareness course instead.
Evidence from TFL of the graffiti and damage to the sign below.
What are my chances if I take it to court?

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