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Your Notes: I was parked out using a blue badge I asked the same officer before leaving car there and he advised me wrongly to display my disability card and it should be fine - I wonder if he has deliberately done this to then later give me a ticket? Itís outside a friends driveway I am visiting and I have no choice but to put car outside their home with disability car I wasnít blocking any carriage way see pic itís my friends cars parked inside her own driveway and I had no issues from anybody. It was the advice I was given by warden officer If you check the pic you can see itís outside resident home, and also my badge was displayed as advised Officer has not observed my vehicle for any length of time be has issued this fine when he gave advice to keeep it there quite corrupt and wrong of him just for issuing me a ticket and Iím vulnerable disabled person with disabled children. I will not be proceeding with this at all if you wish to take this up in court then thatís where it will end up. Itís not right for officer to advice such Way to only what appears to trick me. I even told him Iím visiting the resident in Parked outside. Canít walk far so this is the closest I need. I hope you can appreciate the situation and as a good will gesture remove this fine ticket immediately to avoid further litigation issues and complaints against procedures not being followed and officers acting unlawfully towards civilians Many thanks for your time and understanding with this

I am wondering if the NIP stands if there is no signature printed or signed?
I will provide keepers details but itís difficult to recollect when this happened.
Second named driver was at work in Finchley at that time.

Can the speeding fine be challenged with the speed being at the lower limit? What are the successful appeals that can be made for this low limit prosecution?

Any procedural issues to raise for them to drop it or known issues with the area ie camera sensitivity or poorly displayed signage?

Many thanks

Speeding and other criminal offences / Re: Elstree NIP
« on: May 03, 2024, 01:07:43 pm »
Thatís a pic on the road

Speeding and other criminal offences / Re: Elstree NIP
« on: May 03, 2024, 01:06:55 pm »
Some documents

Sorry forgot to add picture

PCN from Barnet council
Son has Touretteís ASD and adhd had to get him out wasnít blocking anybody before he has fit, to nearest toilet - Waitrose

No grace period given at all on ticket

Anything to help here

Displayed disabled badge but theyíre ignored

Iíve got a NIP
Please help!!!

Difficult as that place is on a hill and Iím on the borderline of speed limit rule to prosecute
Iím 35 on 30 but the road changes to 40 not long before I have to slow down

Donít recall who was driving - canít see in photograph either, have been victim of scam before so if thatís a ringer I donít know.

Iíve noticed no signature on document printed or signed

Obviously want to resolve successfully

Any procedural issues I can use to dispute

I am the registered keeper but the incident is not of my recollection photos donít help to identify
Other driver is at work proof available

Ringer issue plausible if Previous victim of crime /scam?

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