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Ok, thanks @ManxTom, I will have a look at that.

I've put the notice away somewhere, can't bear to look at it again today so all actions deferred to tomorrow or perhaps the weekend, massive headache from the panic I experienced following receipt of the letter this morning but thank you all, I'm not as overwhelmed anymore.

NIP dated today 1st May received today 1st May with Royal mail stamp post 01.05.24.

That's not true, is it?

🙈🤦🏽‍♀️ Sorry, not sure why I thought it's 1st May today!! I did wonder how I got it so fast! I've updated my post.

Thank you!

@NewJudge - a big thank you!

Thanks for a clear outline of the process, really helpful to have it laid out this way.


Intent is not required for the driver to be convicted, it’s a strict liability offence and no intent is required.

What matters is whether the signs are correct, drivers are expected to look for them and not ‘blindly’ follow devices which are frequently wrong.

I know  :(  That's generally what we do but for whatever reason that early morning, we missed something but like you stated, intent is not required.

I'm just trying to get some guidance on the NIP just in case I get something wrong or miss a process.
Thank you!

Send details of the driver.

He will then get his own nip which he must respond to.

Unfortunately it's 1mph over the course threshold. However he should get a conditional offer of fixed penalty. £100 and 3 pts.

When he gets it pay particular attention to the conditions about sending his licence details.

If he racks up 6pts in 2 years (3 was a typo) he will get his licence revoked.

Don't rely on sat nav. It may be a vaguely useful guide (as are car systems which scan signs).

It's exactly like every other "speeding fine".

Thanks, I hope that's all he gets.

NIP dated  1st May received today 2nd May (updated - today is 02/05/2024!!) with Royal mail stamp post 01.05.24.

M11 Motoway near Luxborough Lane road bridge, Chigwell.
Offence - Exceed a 50mph speed restriction on a special road/Motoway - automatic camera device.

Speed of vehicle - 65mph
Speed limit - 50 mph
Date - 27/04/2024
Time - 03:54

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, I've been reading up on different posts to see if I can find information to help my husband. I'm the registered keeper of the vehicle so the NIP was sent in my name.

I know they say ignorance is not a defence but the incident was really not intentional.
My husband and I had been coming from Stansted airport early Saturday morning after just returning from holiday in Cyprus and picked up the car from the airport carpark. There were lots of road works on the road around the airport so we were grateful for Waze on the phone for navigation as it rerouted us.

We tend to use the speed limit showing on Waze screen whenever we use it for navigation as it tends to be more accurate than the one showing in our car. During the drive, we realised that we had not changed back the distance unit in the Waze settings to the Uk 'mile' as they use 'km' in Cyprus. I don't know if this was before the location of the camera or after.

I'm not sure if this caused the confusion on the speed for the location where the the camera was as my husband does not speed (if I had been driving, I could honestly think fair enough, possible, mile or km). He only got his driving licence last September (so less than a year ago) while I have been driving for over 16 years, he's naturally a person that follows rules to the letter and always a careful driver who would not intentionally break the rules. He would choose to cruise even if we are in a rush to get somewhere because the speed states 20mph or 30mph and would tell me off if I drive just a little over the limit.

I'm really worried about the implication of the NIP especially seeing it's not like a normal speeding fine but a possibility of prosecution! I don't want him to loose his licence.

The notice is asking me to send details of the driver and I don't know what to do.

I would really appreciate some guidance.


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