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Which is interesting as at the other end of town the 'obvious'street lighting is going from a 50 to a 40. Which is not a restricted road. But also has virtually invisible unlawful signage as well.

Thank you Southpaw.
That's the issue with it being a 'restricted' road. Other signs in the area go from a 50 to 40 with similar 'unlawful faded signage' but they also have streetlights. Anyone would think if its about road safety. SAFETY signage would be a higher priority to maintain?

Apart from the fact the HUGE 30 signs are completely irrelevant under TRSGD without the appropriate legitimate signage your point stands  :D

Speeding and other criminal offences / Unlawful speed limit signage
« on: April 23, 2024, 05:24:54 pm »
I have to decide today whether to take the speed awareness course. Or maybe go to court on the unlawfulness of the signs?
Not exactly clear or readable are they? The camera van is approx 300m beyond those signs going from a 50 to a 30

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