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Thank you

I will take the course

I remove my name on the attachment

I have now received by email a response to my notice, they want to give me an online course which will cost 90, I did call them and they said they can't access the details of my offence, as I mentioned above I know what happened. Should I just pay and do the course?

Thank you in advance [ Guests cannot view attachments ]


I hope someone can help me
I got this Notice of Intention to Prosecute, so far I did not manage to find the details, and following the letter, through I did send a message to get the details.
However I think I know what happened I had a police car behind me and it seems like it took too long for them to let them pass, I thought it was not safe to stop before then that. I have been doing the A414 for almost a year to go to work.
Any support according this matter will be very appreciative
Thank you in advance

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