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Appeal submitted as suggested by cp8759 (thank you).

Will give an update when I hear back from the council.

Thank you @cp8759 hope you well!

I will do the appeal shortly! Can you please confirm that the option should I choose in the front page is A and in the reason for appeal in the following page is the message you shared with the relevant links?

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Hi @cp8759/fellow members,

Can anyone please advice how to proceed with the formal appeal?

Thank you in advance

Hi all,

So finally received the NTO from Wandsworth council asking me either pay or make a formal appeal to the PCN received in February.

Photos attached.

Any advice on how to proceed please?

Thank you in advance!

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I have just checked the V5C and the address is up to date.

Two questions please:

1- How long does the notice to owner normally takes to arrive (so I can keep an eye on the post)?
2- As you mention you will draft something I guess at least I have a small chance to formally appeal the PCN?

Thanks again

@cp8759 thanks for replying!

From all the pictures I have seen none of them show my car near the resident parking bay mention in the ticket nor do the parking bays in the street look different between the residents spaces and Pay and Display.

PCN number is WA89693394 and number plates is LX64UBZ. I am the registered keeper and do have the V5C.

Hi all,

Back in February while visiting my sister I received a PCN from Wandsworth Council claiming I parked in a residents or shared use parking place without a valid virtual permit or clearly displaying a valid permit or voucher or pay and display ticket issued for that place with parking contravention code 12.

On the day in question I did park on the street like in many previous occasions and I never noticed that in that side of the street there was a sign for resident parking only.

However the only sign I noticed on the street was from RingGo saying that payment was required for parking in location 10470 which I did pay online at around 2:48 PM until 5:30 PM

I have made an appeal to the council explaining my circumstances and that I never noticed the resident sign on the street and that I never tried to mislead the council or avoid parking without payment and that on that day I made a genuine mistake. My appeal was rejected claiming that the signage was located in close proximity to the rear of your vehicle and that parking remains the motorist responsibility . From the PCN pictures where my car was parked the sign mentioned in my rejection letter is at least at another car length and therefore not as close to my car and definitely not visible from the pictures taken from the rear of my car.

My question here is does anyone think or has had experience further appealing a similar PCN with Wandsworth council and do you think an independent party would see this as a genuine mistake as payment for parking was made at the time of the contravention?

All details hosted -

I thought all signs in the street related to Permit Holders or Pay and Display users as:

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