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I wish to challenge the PCN

The wording of the PCN in terms of the 28 days period is wrong since it does not comply with Schedule 2 para. 2 @
(d)that the penalty charge must be paid within the period of 28 days beginning with the date on which the alleged contravention occurred,

You have stated in your informal rejection that "Blue badge holders are not permitted to park in a loading bay", this is not correct. I refer you to the following tribunal decisions:

Cassidy on behalf of Cassidy v Kirklees Metropolitan Council at

The review decision in Cassidy on behalf of Cassidy v Kirklees Metropolitan Council at

Karen Lewin v Kent County Council (with Canterbury CC) at

Anthony Granville Clarke-Grenfell v Devon County Council at

In light of the above the PCN must be cancelled.

Yours faithfully,

Is this OK, thanks

Ok I've looked at your attached link, which bits do I need to pick out please for my draft, thanks

Any advice on what I should write please, and do I need to appeal within 14 days ?

Should I write something like that, with the link you have attached

Hi looking for advice please. I was parked in a loading bay last sat, I didnt realise it at the time as there was no road markings just a sign further down, I had my blue badge on display and there was several other cars parked there also. I didn't take an pics at the time but got some off streetmap but it hasn't changed since then, i was parked where the white van is about.

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