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thanks, I copied the text from pepipoo and I believe the links did not work accordingly

Thank you! In the meantime, what are your thoughts of that box junction and the fact that is really hard to do a right when vehicles from the left jump in? Is the box junction following the regulations?

Hi everyone!
I have recently received a PCN from TfL for entering box junction. I was thinking to pay it and move on but today, I was doing the same commute and the same thing happened so probably will get another PCN.
First PCN is GX07852901 and reg number is VF16 HWB (this PCN is not the one with the dashcamp clip attached-dashcam clip is for the second PCN which I am expecting to receive in the next 1-2 weeks).
This is what happened (both times):
Location: Bath Road,-0....i8192?entry=ttu

I need to do a slight right in order to get home. On a typical day, this is not a problem. However, when there is major congestion, it's nearly impossible to predict when there will be a spot for a car to enter after the box junction. Although the set of lights allows me to enter the junction, the cars from the left always jump in first so they fill in my space. Please see the clip attached to get an idea about the difficulty. Thus, I would have two options: 1. to drive and hope that I will be allowed to enter without blocking the junction and 2. to wait a very long time and block the traffic until there is 100% certainty that there is enough space.
Is there any way I could appeal these? Shouldn't the box junction also be extended for the cars coming from the left lane so they don't jump in and block the other drivers? Please note that I've been doing this journey for 2 years and never got a PCN but for some reason, traffic has been ridiculous over the last week and this causes a lot of congestion in that area.
Video clip:

Please let me know your thoughts

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