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Afternoon all - pretty much as the subject title says: I was due to be going from Hull to Rotterdam for a short break in Amsterdam with my family on 12th February (returning 15th), but on 8th February received an email from the ferry company stating that their ship refit had overrun and consequently they weren't able to offer any services until the following week (19th Feb).

Rescheduling was no good as we needed to go during half term, and they refunded the cost of the tickets. However, we had already booked a series of non-refundable things in Holland (hotel, boat tours, museums etc). We could have claimed on travel insurance but the trip was split across two families and the excesses made it barely worthwhile. I thought that under the consumer rights act we might be able to make a compensation claim from the ferry company as our consequential losses were entirely down to them breaching their contract with us - so I just wondered if anyone here had any experience/advice in this area? They are stating that all they are required to do under Passenger Rights legislation is refund the ticket cost as the delay in the refit was outside of their control but I imagine they'll be getting something from someone for the loss of earnings that they must have incurred.

Thanks in advance! 

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