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Must have found a rare compassionate administrator, instead of the usual heartless bot!

Would have been interesting to have gone to Tribunal with it. Adjudicator could just have said the wife should have found another place to park. Presumably nothing in legislation to always ensure there is a way to issue a visitor permit.


Happy to announce that 'after taking into account the points raised' that Tower Hamlets have cancelled this PCN.

Date came through last night.
Tuesday 4th June - perfect for me.

Yes I've requested a face to face hearing.
No rush on my part. I'll need to fit it in between a number of trips.

@cp8759 Many thanks. I'll put the appeal in.

It's his own van. He has the V5C.


I assume I just say I rely on my formal repesentations and wait to see what Redbridge submit as evidence?

I've done this.

Away for 10 days in May so I'll postpone it until late May if necessary.


I assume I just say I rely on my formal repesentations and wait to see what Redbridge submit as evidence?

Thanks @Incandescent
You are right. He took a risk. Only hope is a technical issue, as you've pointed out.

Rejection received today. They have carefully considered the points raised in my appeal, which said:

 'The contravention did not occur. Please cancel the PCN'.

They are satisfied that I would have been aware the exit was clear before entering the box.

I'm happy to go to Tribunal with this on the basis they have not provided the video of me entering the box junction.

Playing Whack a Mole with family friend's traffic woes  ::)

He admits to taking a risk to leave his van here to attend a meeting, so not holding out much hope.

Location - GSV - Liberty Bridge Road

I know it's Ringo only in Redbridge these days (from 1st Feb 2024) but the Ticket Machine says Charges Apply Mon-Sat 8:30am - 6:30pm - Disabled Free

Plus the signs still say - Or pay at machine.

Seems misleading to me.

Have the times changes since 1st Feb?

Good news. They have magnanimously cancelled the PCN.

See attachment.

Only problem is he's gone and got himself another ticket. This time in Stratford, Newham.🤪

That's a reasonable informal representation, keep a screenshot of the confirmation page.

Appeal submitted. Confirmation screenshot taken.

Will await the rejection  :)

They've sent an email confirmation, unlike Tower Hamlets.

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