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Private parking tickets / Options for a private penalty ?
« on: May 31, 2024, 01:13:10 pm »
Hello everyone I received this penalty charge notice from a private parking company the other day I had paid for my initial parking but it must've run out.
Do I have to pay this or is there an option to revoke it in anyway?

Hi everyone, im an 18 year old who passed his test 4 months ago and I got caught driving with no insurance and iíve received the letter giving me the option to either -
1) plead guilty and not attend court
2) plead guilty bit make a case for special reasons with a solicitor and try to avoid the points by accepting a short term ban (solicitor advised of this option)
3) plead guilty and attend court myself without a solicitor and explain the reason why i was unintentionally driving without insurance.

back story - i always get temp insurance on my mums policy when i use the car but this time i left the computer before seeing the error message and i assumed the application would be accepted as it normally is so after hitting the go button on the final step i got up and left the desk. i thought i was insured but i wasnít.

the solicitor said to pay them £1500 and they would represent me and think there is a good chance that they can mitigate points this will allow me to keep driving albeit with more expensive insurance.

i want the chance to explain the circumstances to the court with the hope that they might be lenient but i donít know which of the options to choose that would result in the most favourable outcome and would appreciate any guidance.

thank you

iím gutted.

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