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It appears to say its for ignoring the Red X and the accompanying image confirms it??!!

They've not referenced the speed in terms of the prosecution.

You must reply and name the driver at the time/date and then s/he will get a further letter. Unless you've a miracle reason, you're bang to rights (or, at least the drive ris!). Others will correct, but Idon't think there's a course offer for this so it will be fine/points.

So it will be one offence which is driving in REDX not speeding. Thanks for you comment
Been told from different platform could be offered course aswell.

Recieved this yesterday about speeding 47mph with temporary restrictions of 40mph. Have no idea what to do. Is it for closure lane or speeding not sure. Also I know a lame excuse as always but didnt notice any lane closure or speed limit.
Lastly will admting it at fault will result fine plus points. Try to avoid points as already have 3 points in past. Any help or suggestions to get out of it please. Any suggesstion will be much appreciated. Thanks

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